Neuroscience 2014


As our understanding of the human mind grows in leaps and bounds, business is slowly coming around to the idea that science can help improve the performance and well being of businesses and teams by focusing on the most important common denominator - the individual.

2014 will likely prove the tipping point where neuroscience and business are finally considered indispensible allies - allowing your business to get the edge in an increasingly competitive world.


Dr Helena Popovic believes that success is a teachable science, that education is more powerful than medication, and that behavioural change is the path to better health. By teaching people how to boost their brains and turn stress into success, Helena can help create a thriving, can-do attitude within any orgainsation!


Six million working days are currently lost as a result of sickness, burnout and depression, costing the Australian economy $20 Billion per year. Matthew Johnstone helps companies to improve personal and organisational wellbeing, demonstrating simple strategies so people can manage their mindset, lifestyle and wellbeing.


Jason Fox teaches organisations the value of games. Using the latest research, Jason shows that organisational gaming helps execute ideas faster, improves motivation and fosters innovation in the workplace.


Do you have a problem maintaining the engagement of your employees? Shivani Gupta will show you how to foster engagement and drive ROI by creating a passionate workforce.

If you'd like to effect real change in your business, call us now to book one of these incredible speakers!



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