Not the speaker you want... if you want the status quo.

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Dare Jennings - Not the speaker you want... if you want the status quo.
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About Dare Jennings   Dare Jennings Topics

As a speaker, DARE JENNINGS is not the man you’re looking for if you want to maintain the status quo. Instead, if you want to redefine your industry, set the trends for your peers to follow, then you can’t afford not to listen to what Dare has to say. He’s direct; Dare won’t hold back and will challenge the cultural norms of your business.

As the founder of Deus Ex Machina, a customised motorcycle brand, Dare has once again taken the cultural history of surfing, combined it with the ideals of the road warrior to create an enduring and engaging lifestyle brand that has expanded into cafes, clothing lines, merchandise and a successful online business that spans the four continents

Dare’s experience speaks for itself – back in 1984 he started the iconic Australian surf wear company Mambo. For thirty years he has been creating his own trends, turning businesses into fundamental religions and successfully exporting two uniquely Australian brands to the world without resorting to the typical trite cliches of kangaroos and koalas.

With flagship stores in Australia, the U.S., Indonesia and Italy, ironically, he is an Australian selling Italian style motorbikes to Italians.


MAMBO TO DEUS: how to lead a brand revolution

If you’re in the business of disruptive change, this is the perspective you need. Key takeaways include:

  • Recognising what you know (and ignoring what others are doing)
  • The importance of backing yourself
  • Creating the story of your business

MAMBO TO DEUS: leading a global business

What happens when you start a humble clothing line and wind up an icon of Australian counter culture?
The answer is simple: go global. Key takeaways include:

  • Developing a business with international resonance
  • Creating a unique identity without the clichés
  • Selling ice to Eskimos - claiming cultural icons as your own

MAMBO TO DEUS: leading culture from the front lines

Dare is on the frontlines of the culture war. He knows his customers, knows who they are, and who they perceive themselves to be. Key takeaways include:

  • Immersing yourself in your market
  • Being your own best customer
  • Creating and building the culture of your brand
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