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The COVID-19 crisis has created extraordinary levels of disruption to our sense of security, domestic and community life, economy, public institutions, and the international system. People, firms and governments have all been caught unawares, and are still scrambling to make sense of what is happening, what is to come and how to respond.

The global outbreak is creating significant challenges for leaders at all levels and organizations of all sizes. The pandemic may be changing our way of life but that doesn’t mean you have to stop learning.

Leadership speakers are the catalyst for the change you seek within your organisation. When you choose a well-known speaker to come to your next virtual event, you’re communicating certain things to your team – that you desire something more than the status quo, that their fire and passion is important to you and that you won’t settle for mediocrity.

Listen to their stories, learn their lessons and equip your team with the tools it needs to overcome the challenges presented to us at this moment.

  • Scott Dutton

    Scott Dutton (CSP) is the Conflict Whisperer and Fun Maker! Scott is the most engaging, insightful and fun keynote speaker / master trainer (virtual + F2F) in the global conflict resolution + communication arena.

  • Kamal Sarma

    From monk to venture capitalist and keynote speaker Kamal Sarma has transformed leaders and teams globally. Over the last 20 years he has delivered significant results for people and companies with his customised framework and teachings.

    Kamal has developed deep insight into organisations and people cultivated by his own unique background.   Living in a monastery he trained as monk for 6 years before excelling in senior corporate positions.  Now as the founder and director of Rezilium – a strategic leadership firm Kamal delivers customised strategies and presentations for a range of industries.

  • Dr Louise Mahler - Leadership In Critical Times

    Dr Louise Mahler is the foremost expert in the psychology of face-to face engagement. With a PhD in business and degrees and post-graduate studies in service management and music, together with a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Louise combines her years of professional performance on the European opera stage to put her in a league of her own. These skills blend to bring powerful observation that elicits discernible, positive change in those with whom she works.

  • Al Jeffery - Facilitating Online

    Al Jeffery is an internationally renowned community-architect, integrative performance facilitator, and mindfulness coach. As a ‘millennial’ himself, he connects wisdom from across generations to help clients create vibrant inter-generational and human-centered places. He’s worked with the likes of Apple, Google Australia, AusPost, Telstra, Deliveroo and many more in designing and facilitating leadership development programs as well as offsite retreats, creating workplaces with wellbeing and an atmosphere for creativity at their core. 

    His latest virtual workshop TogetherApart: Facilitating Engaging Online Experiences will assist organisations with facilitating engaging meetings and online experiences.

    You will learn:

    • an understanding of the architecture of psychological safety and emotional intimacy in groups
    • templates for designing your meeting, pre-meeting communication and in-meeting tools
    • clarity on your personal opportunity for growth in facilitating highly-effective gatherings
    • practical tools for making the most of Zoom and online meeting softwares
  • David Thomas - Diversifying Australia

    Over the past 25 years, Australia’s population has increased by 7.5 million people, with most of the new arrivals coming as migrants from China and India. This is changing the face of Australia’s working population, creating new opportunities and challenges for Corporate Australia as we embrace Asian diversity at the senior levels of our organisations and institutions (political, media and business) to give us the best chance of future success in the region.

    David Thomas has lived and worked in the Asia Pacific region for the past 30 years and has experienced the impact of these changes from ground level upwards. In this engaging and interactive presentation, he will cover:

    • The impact of immigration policy on Australia’s economy and business landscape
    • The benefits of diversity within high achieving organisations (includes case studies and success stories)
    • The opportunity for Australian organisations to embrace diversity as a recipe for success in the Asian Century
    • Cultural Intelligence ("CQ") - the essential new skill for business leaders of the future
    • The “Push” and “Pull” factors that will drive leadership and organisational effectiveness in Australia
  • Dr Helena Popovic - Don't waste the Corona Crisis

    Dr Helena Popovic is a medical doctor and specialist in how to improve brain function and how our lifestyles impact our health and performance.  She graduated from the University of Sydney and is the founder and CEO of an organisation built on the dual philosophy that education is more powerful than medication, and behavioural change is the path to better health.  Helena is passionate about showing corporations, businesses and individuals the Neuroscience of Success and empowering people to Live Longer, Stronger, Healthier and Happier. 

    Her new webinar topics each draws from neuroscience to deliver powerful and uplifting messages to help leaders, managers, team members and individuals emerge as victor not victim of the corona virus.

  • Colin James

    It is rare to find one person who can MC a conference brilliantly, deliver a standing ovation standard keynote as well as run a deeply engaging workshop to embed skills, all on the same day. He can also consult with clients on event design to create profoundly memorable, world-class conferences.

    Colin is one of those people that has spent his life exploring cultures, religions, philosophies and human psychology, which has seen him travel far and wide and have adventures others only read about. He has a background in broadcasting and marketing but it is his unique corporate style and content that sets him apart.

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