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Never before have our organisations faced the kind of challenges that COVID-19 crisis has forced upon us. Every challenge and difficulty we confront helps to strengthen our will, confidence and ability to conquer the next unseen challenge.

There is much that our organisations can be learned from listening to a Speaker who has defied the odds to succeed in the face of adversity.

A speaker who has overcome hardships, tragedy, and adversity will inspire you to persist and succeed, face any challenge and overcome any obstacle. Your audiences will be inspired to push through the boundaries of stress and problem solving to strive for success and achievement.

  • Dr Gavriel Schneider

    Dr Gav Schneider is an acknowledged leader in the field of human based risk management and the psychology of risk. He is the creator of the concept of Presilience. He is a highly experienced, security, safety, emergency and risk specialist with decades of experience.

    He has conducted business in over 17 countries and provided a wide range of services for a very diverse client base, ranging from heads of state to school teachers. He is a leading academic in his field and heads up the Post Graduate Psychology of Risk program at the Australian Catholic University (ACU).

    Dr Gav is a much sought after international speaker and author. He is the CEO of the Risk 2 Solution group of companies which are a group of 4 companies that focus on delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions in the Risk, Intelligence, Safety, Security, Medical and Emergency response sectors.

  • Mark Bunn - Remote Wellness

    As one of Australasia’s leading experts on health and personal performance, former AFL footballer and best-selling author of 'Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health', Mark Bunn understands the difficulties facing workers and organisations today – high stress, poor sleep, negativity, poor work-life balance, low motivation and workplace morale.

    Help your team perform at their best, while also achieving happiness, good relationships, work enjoyment and a sense of community or team.

  • Tony Wilson

    ​Tony Wilson has a passion for Human Performance. He has spent his entire working life helping the countries biggest brand and athletes reach a higher performance zone. Now, because of his ground breaking tools to achieving ‘HYPERformance’ Tony can be seen regularly featuring on The Project and ABC.

    Originally a performance coach for elite athletes and sporting teams throughout Australia and the USA, Tony combines cutting edge performance science with contemporary management theory to put a unique slant on high performance in and out of the office. With a focus on high performance, Tony works with leaders around the world to help create the environment for their people to thrive, and works with individuals on managing their own performance and productivity.

  • Capt. David Evans

    When things go wrong, most people don’t face being responsible for the fates of several hundred lives. When QANTAS Flight 32 faced the catastrophic destruction of an engine shortly after takeoff from Singapore, causing extensive damage to over 60 other subsystems, Captain David Evans was one of the men charged with the safety of all on board.

    As a speaker, Captain Evans has been invited to work with Air France and British Airways, training pilots in handling risky situations and teamwork. A recognised authority on management in times of extreme crisis, David Evans knows how to help your team pull together when quick thinking is required to save the day.

  • Graeme Cowan - Building Resilience In Remote Teams

    Graeme Cowan helps leaders and teams to be more caring, resilient and productive. 

    In his earlier career he worked in senior leadership positions with Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and AT Kearney. 

    In 2000 he went through a 5 year episode of depression that his psychiatrist described as the worst he had ever treated. He emerged from this crisis with a different view about how we can increase our resilience, mood, and performance. He was recently described by the Australian Financial Review as a “workplace mental wellness expert”. 

  • Dr Helena Popovic - Don't waste the Corona Crisis

    Dr Helena Popovic is a medical doctor and specialist in how to improve brain function and how our lifestyles impact our health and performance.  She graduated from the University of Sydney and is the founder and CEO of an organisation built on the dual philosophy that education is more powerful than medication, and behavioural change is the path to better health.  Helena is passionate about showing corporations, businesses and individuals the Neuroscience of Success and empowering people to Live Longer, Stronger, Healthier and Happier. 

    Her new webinar topics each draws from neuroscience to deliver powerful and uplifting messages to help leaders, managers, team members and individuals emerge as victor not victim of the corona virus.

  • Kamal Sarma

    From monk to venture capitalist and keynote speaker Kamal Sarma has transformed leaders and teams globally. Over the last 20 years he has delivered significant results for people and companies with his customised framework and teachings.

    Kamal has developed deep insight into organisations and people cultivated by his own unique background.   Living in a monastery he trained as monk for 6 years before excelling in senior corporate positions.  Now as the founder and director of Rezilium – a strategic leadership firm Kamal delivers customised strategies and presentations for a range of industries.

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