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As the coronavirus crisis creates unprecedented uncertainty, it’s important that companies figure out how to protect and increase revenues — and not default to the stagnancy of cutting costs. The ability to grow will separate the leaders from the pack when the global economy rebounds, as it eventually will, and companies in every industry have the opportunity to rise out of the crisis as winners.

With an energy-driven keynote, sales workshop or series of training and consulting sessions a successful sales and marketing speaker can teach your organisation the right strategies for greater sales and marketing success.

  • David Penglase

    Australian Professional Speaker Hall of Fame recipient David Penglase talks about the opportunities to use virtual 'live' keynotes, presentations, masterclasses, webinars and more.

    As a behavioural scientist, author and award-winning conference keynote speaker David inspires, entertains and helps top tier corporate audiences to harness the power of intention and trust to positively impact their professional and personal success.

  • Keith Abraham

    Industries across the globe turn to Keith Abraham for inspiration, insights and ideas on how to not only set goals— but how to achieve them—to bring out the best in their people, their leaders and their business.

    Keith Abraham is the global authority on goal achievement and the creator of the GoalDriverTM Formula. A formula designed to accurately determine what energises and engages each individual, driving them to achieve the unimaginable, unreachable and unattainable.

  • Iven Frangi

    Iven has a background in psychology and is a graduate in marketing. In sales he has been a qualifying member of the "Million Dollar Round Table" and as the youngest regional manager at Australia's fastest growing Life Insurance Company looked after over 50 branches and a team with production in excess of $15 million annually.

    Iven is booked and re-booked by his clients because of his expertise and ability to produce results doing keynotes and training on sales, management and marketing, where the art of dealing with people is paramount. As a speaker in Australia or internationally he not only instructs - he motivates people to action, using humour and real life examples of success.

    The results Iven achieves are based on thorough research of the client's needs and the current environment. He is able to then design a presentation that creates impact. Iven also adds value to his work by weaving in real life examples, humour and engaging the audience in the process. All this, to make sure the information is up to the minute and effective. Careful preparation is the key to tangible results. Iven's programs keep working long after the training session finishes.

  • Michael Licenblat: Bounce Back Fast - Resilience Webinars

    It is inevitable that you will face failure, setbacks and obstacles in your personal, professional and financial life sooner or later. Your relationship with failure will determine if you are able to bounce back fast and move forward or whether you sit in self-pity and stay stuck after a setback.

    In this online seminar, Michael Licenblat explains why individual resilience is greatly influenced by whether you have a growth or fixed attitude and we will present several mindsets that will help you develop your own resilient mental attitude.

  • David Staughton

    David Staughton CSP is an Award-winning businessman & speaker who is an expert at growing Smaller businesses, Associations and Groups of businesses.

    A walking library of “hands-on” business experiences, he inspires audiences with his funny & memorable stories, passion and enthusiasm for Smaller businesses.

    Dave is a highly entertaining speaker and has been performing in front of an audience for over 20 years. As an experienced International Keynote Speaker he has presented to over 750 Audiences in 10 different Countries.

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