One of the greatest trends in our understanding of business performance has been the shift towards addressing the underlying needs of staff beyond just remuneration.

While everyone loves a bonus, employees care more about their day-to-day quality of working life and business is in the midst of a quantum shift towards more people-friendly environments.

It's an acknowledgement of one of the core truths of business: a fulfilled workforce is a productive workforce.

Julie Piantadosi is the ultimate self-driven performer, opening her first hair salon at just 17. Now the successful owner of a salon chain and serial entrepreneur, Julie knows that success is all about empowering people - ensuring that staff have the mindset, tools and strategies to perform at their best.

Wayne Goldsmith has a radical approach to sports training, believing that those core attributes of desire, hunger, determination and passion are not un-teachable, as is generally believed. Wayne has used his method to help A-grade sports teams the world over.

Michael Crossland has built a life on exceptional achievements in the face of incredible adversity, surviving cancer, 3rd degree burns and a heart attack before his 13th birthday. It's no wonder he has the ability to make anything seem possible - an incredibly persuasive voice for overcoming adversity. 

Tim Ferris is the ultimate life-hacker. Author of The 4-Hour Work Week, The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Chef, Tim shows us how changing our mindset and approach to work, life and learning can result in astounding improvements in skill, productivity and personal happiness. Visiting from the US in November - enquire now

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