Richie Harkham

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As we all know these are the most unusual times. We are all part of a massive social experiment forced upon us by the pandemic.

The keyword here is Adaptation. How do we as individuals and businesses adapt to the crises and challenges that we are facing each day?

Some say in Chinese the word crisis also bears the meaning Opportunity. We don't grow in good times, growth and opportunity come from struggle and pain, so it's up to us to adopt a positive mindset and resilience in order to grow and find opportunities. My top mental tip in order to adapt is 'VISUALISATION'. When you are hit with a challenge, go somewhere quiet and work out your ideal outcomes, write down in detail the mental image of achieving your outcomes from a sensory perspective, and then start visualising what it feels like and looks like to achieve your outcomes, do this as much as you can. Science has proven that visualisation works by making an imprint in your brain and subconscious, so much so that your brain can't tell the difference between, visualising and achieving your outcomes!

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