Sales Speakers – Top 5 staff picks!

Top 5 Sales Staff Picks

Everyone is a salesperson.

It doesn't matter whether you're in a front-line role or crunching the numbers at head office, some part of your role demands that you convince others that they should buy in to your work. Selling isn't about products, it isn't about prices, it isn't about features or benefits - it's about solving the real problems of real people. If you can understand your customer's pain and communicate a solution, you've made a sale.

So how do the best minds in sales approach selling, sales and solving problems?

Top 5 Sales Gurus

  • David Penglase

    When an audience member tells you they spent the weekend with one of the world's most famous US speakers but got more value out of a 45 minute session with David Penglase, you take notice. David is all about demonstrating value and he definitely 'walks the talk'. He is an authority on the ethics of selling and his decades of experience as a corporate educator has led him to a fascinating new field: Intentionomics - maximising human potential and the impact of your intentions in every single interaction you have. We asked David what he thought the one key to a good sales pitch was, and it came down to one thing...


    When Trust Is At Risk...

  • Kieran Flanagan

    At just 20, Kieran Flanagan was one of the youngest Creative Directors to lead a multi award winning advertising agency. One of the only female Creative Directors in the world of MadMen, Kieran’s impressive career now sees her as the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at research, training and innovation think tank, The Impossible Institute, teaching and lecturing at The Miami Ad School and speaking to audiences around the globe. It would be fair to say she’s come across her fair share of sales people in her time, and here she shares with us her top selling tips...

    ...and it's not all about you! 

    It's ALWAYS Personal

  • Chris Helder

    With his high energy presentations, jam packed with the latest research, incredible humour and specifically tailored content, Chris Helder is a firm favourite with sales dependent industries like real estate, finance and travel. Chris is a firm believer that in today’s changing environment, it is more important than ever that people are learning to develop their skills in closing business.  

    Asking For The Sale

  • Kamal Sarma

    Author of the upcoming release WinWinConversations, Kamal Sarma is the director of Rezilium, a strategic leadership firm which has been involved in giving back to communities around the world, supporting a variety of projects including raising funds to rescue child soldiers, and rescuing victims of sexual trafficking in Cambodia, Nepal and India. His latest release is the result of over 10 years or research and development on ways to help people truly connect and communicate. WinWin is now being adopted by companies to deliver superior results, reduce decision phobia, increase client advocacy, staff engagement and sales.

  • Amanda Stevens

    Described as a pocket-rocket, a whirlwind of ideas and a breath of fresh air, Amanda Stevens is a vibrant, energetic and humourous speaker and a renowned specialist in sales, marketing and customer service - with a twist. She incorporates powerful research, insights and data, infused with relationship anecdotes and current social commentary. The result is a unique perspective that packs a punch in content and take-away strategies plus delivers serious entertainment value.

    5 Simple ways to create WOW moments

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