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Speakers for International Women's Day 2024

International Women’s Day 2024 celebrates the leaders and changemakers who are redefining innovation – creating new social, economic and cultural codes for a gender-equal future. These are the speakers who are breaking down barriers with bold and innovative ideas, closing the divide and paving the way for future generations.

Their empowering stories of determination and resilience are guaranteed to inspire and captivate your audience.  Let us connect you with some of these speakers. Planning for your International Women’s Day event starts now!

Anneli Blundell

Known for her dynamic and engaging style, Anneli’s on a mission to humanise the leadership landscape and change the way we see each other. She disarms her audiences with her natural charisma and cheeky banter. A skilful and fresh presenter, Anneli draws her audiences into a carefully crafted fabric of stories, insights and practical wisdom. She works hard to understand the challenges of her audience and tailors her unique presentations accordingly. Humour, relevance and a knack for practical reality are keys to her high levels of audience engagement and consistently outstanding feedback.


Danielle Dobson

Danielle Dobson is a powerful speaker who guides audiences to consider societal perceptions of gender roles in relationships, workplaces and communities. She connects with her audience in a relatable, engaging way and uses her warmth, passion and knowledge to spark curiosity to break the Gender Code and recreate their own.


Dr Rebecca Huntley

Dr. Rebecca Huntley is an Australian social researcher and expert on social trends. She is an author and researcher with degrees in law, a first class degree in film studies and a PhD in Gender Studies.


Gemma Sisia

From God's house to the school house, Gemma Sisia has given many children the gift of education in Tanzania. With only $10 in her bank account, the former Guyra farm girl set up a school in Tanzania for poor but bright African children. Gemma found sponsors and supporters in Australia, and literally helped build the school - brick by brick - on an idyllic piece of land at the foot of Mount Meru in ...


Heidi Dening

Heidi Dening is an award-winning businesswoman, author of the bestseller Her Middle Name Is Courage, and an engaging storyteller who has dedicated her career to inspiring thousands of people all over the world - from small children on remote Pacific islands to professional teams across 19 different industries.

Her goal is to elevate the professional resilience of audiences so they can make better decisions, be more innovative, have more energy, optimism and empathy, and successfully deal with change, stress, and uncertainty.


Lisa McInnes-Smith

Lisa is not just another speaker; she is a dynamic force that electrifies the stage with her boundless energy and genuine passion for people. With a wealth of experience as a sports psychologist, she has honed practical tools and wisdom to empower individuals to elevate their performance and reach new heights.

Her dedication and expertise have been recognised on a global scale, earning her the prestigious honour of being the first Australian inducted into the International Speaker Hall of Fame. Having captivated audiences in 30 countries and shared insights with over 2½ million people, Lisa's commitment to sharing knowledge and offering practical applications knows no bounds.

What sets Lisa apart is her remarkable ability to connect with any audience, from frontline workers to top-level executives. She tailors her presentations with precision, tapping into the appropriate energy and skill to deliver impactful messages that resonate deeply.

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