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Our team at Ovations give you recommendations for some of their most favourite speakers for 2019 - Innovators, movers and shakers, and speakers that struck an emotional chord with them.

Sharm’s pick
Kamal Sarma

Our “monk in the city” Kamal Sarma is a living oxymoron. I sometimes joke about what an “overachiever” he is in the nicest possible way! Kamal has got to be the smartest yet most compassionate and humble person I have worked with. He has a fascinating background - a monk turned consultant, venture capitalist, fund manager, and now CEO, author and speaker. I love that Kamal has rolled all of his work and life experience into his presentations. He REALLY “gets” corporate audiences, because he has been that person. Yet he remains connected to community as current Chair of the Think Tank for RUOK and has been recognised for his international peace work. Kamal’s topics and teachings are relevant for people in every industry sector. I have seen the emails that people send to Kamal after his presentations, the impact and call to change he inspires is amazing.

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Anja’s pick
Justin Jones

If you’re after a speaker that is going to wow your team onstage and off stage, look no further than Justin Jonesy. Whether he is creating a tailored session in relation to his Adventures for your event, empowering your team through a workshop or jumping in a cab & running through the airport to catch a last minute red eye flight to get to your event, Justin goes above and beyond for each and every client he works with. Jonesy is inspiring, entertaining and incredibly humble. You really will walk away from his presentation with the belief that anything is possible!

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Jane's pick
Peter Williams

He is Brash, Audacious & Smart as all GET OUT

Peter drills down & tailors specifically for your Business & Industry, having the latest Research on hand, he is often seen completing his Keynote 5 minutes before he goes on stage, ensuring he has the most up to date data & information.

Over the past few years we have seen an Explosion of Speakers talking about the Future & what will be happening by sharing their insights as to WHAT the technology advancements are, whereas Peter speaks to the WHY and the HOW of Innovation & Digital Disruption.

Peter walks his talk, he pulls no punches & will provide the wakeup call needed to bring delegates up to speed with the Disruption happening in Industry today.

Pete's Mantra: "If you Don't Know what to do...DO Something".. was experienced by his amazing commitment & contribution in helping rebuild Flowerdale after the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires in Victoria, "own your outcomes and you can achieve the most amazing things."

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Leanne's pick:
Judy & Tim Sharp

Not only do Tim and Judy get Standing Ovations everywhere they go they are 2 of the best in the business to work with. On and off the stage Judy and Tim are a joy to everyone they meet. I have seen first-hand the incredible impact their story has on people. In these times of change and disruption it’s important to remember and celebrate our humanity and what we are capable of. No matter who you are, or what you do it’s impossible not to be inspired by them.

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