Sustainability 2014


While sustainable business practice has been a trending topic for some time, 2014 will be a truly hot-button year for environmentally-focused businesses. As the current government bucks the global trend, sustainability experts have begun talking up the positive ROI for business in going green.

How will your business contribute to the growing future of sustainability in 2014?


Andrew Winston is possibly the world's most prominent advocate for the greening of business and the positive finanical returns in store for those that embrace it. Andrew helps companies use environmental strategy to grow and create enduring value. 


An Irish girl who ditched her successful corporate career to live in a rainforest in Africa, Avis Mulhall is an inspiring and determined young woman who has overcome adversity to follow her passions and fearlessly invent a better future.


As co-founder of Clean Up Australia, Kim McKay knows a bit about environmentalism. One of Australia's most respected green voices, Kim is an Order of Australia recipient and regularly consults with international brands on sustainable business practices. 


Kevin McCloud, host of Grand Designs has two ambitions: to entertain and to make the 'built environment' better. A fabulous and highly sought-after keynote speaker Kevin is an undeniable expert in sustainable design

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