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The benefits of using an MC for virtual events

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The value of an MC is magnified many times over at a virtual event because the number of distractions (and ease of the delegates using them) is also magnified. So having someone who can command attention, give a reason to bring attention back to the screen, is going to have a direct effect on how much information is learned and retained.

An experienced and qualified MC is a vital resource to have on hand for those moments where the wonderful technology that makes virtual conferencing possible, glitches. 

At a live event, as delegates enter the conference room, there is an automatic buzz that comes from delegates being: a) away from their normal surroundings and b) gathering with others. That ‘buzz’ alone helps delegates remain focused and engaged. It’s like the difference between getting dressed up and attending a live theatrical performance … and sliding on your tracky-dacks, collapsing on the couch and watching a show on Netflix.

You’re entertained either way, but at a live event you’re far less likely to find yourself scrolling through your Facebook feed or playing solitaire at the same time.

A virtual conference lacks those live event benefits. Having an MC brings a little of that ‘showbiz’ effect into play, helping the overall feel and effectiveness of your event.

It is easier to keep delegates engaged at a live event. Subconsciously we are very sympathetic to the risks taken by the live performer. However, when we watch an event on a virtual platform, our brains slip into ‘TV Watching Mode’ … where we expect things to be more polished and more entertaining.

When we watch something on the small screen, we don’t tolerate boredom so well (after all, there are so many more interesting things around us on our desk).

Thus, having a professional MC can help bring a professional feel to your event. Your delegates will be more likely to pay attention to someone who can string your segments together in an interesting and entertaining way.

If you work with your MC in the lead-up and turn some presentations into interview segments, maybe even pre-film some interesting clips, the conference can take on the feel of a Variety Show … something that delegates will be much more engaged by.

The bottom line is, the amount of time your virtual event delegates feel compelled to watch the screen has a direct effect on their return on investment of having attended.

An experienced, entertaining and engaging and educational MC can bring some of the magic of a live event into your virtual conference, ensuring your delegates enjoy every aspect of their virtual conference experience.

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