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THE ‘PURPOSE ECONOMY’ IS HERE. Right now, it is unevenly distributed and poorly understood, as the future often is. But in the coming year, the purpose economy will redefine how we conduct business and derive meaning in our lives.

Ovations is proud to offer this glimpse into "The Future Makers", a new book featuring some of Australia's greatest thinkers, including Deloitte's Peter Williams and this chapter from Tom Dawkins.

We're not just living through an era of technological change. It's a time where social upheaval isn't about class, but about purpose - we've come to define ourselves by our work, but when so much of what people are employed to do is increasingly abstract, we need more than just money to motivate.

That's where purpose comes in.

Download the full chapter, and check out Tom's profile if you'd like to book him for your next event.

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