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This past month I had the extraordinary privilege of speaking at the 10th Annual PCOA event on the Gold Coast about The Future of Events.

As someone who has hosted more than 2000 sessions in over 45 cities worldwide, this is clearly something that is close to my heart, so we brought our A game and created a unique research packet that captures leading insights, stats and commentary on exactly what it takes to make an event resonate in the hearts and minds of people long after it is done.

Now I know not everyone was able to make it to the Gold Coast this month, so I thought we could do something special and bring the highlights and insights of the session straight to your inbox.

Attached to this mail-out are copies of:

  1. The actual ‘The Future of Events’ deck I used on the day.
  2. The ‘Future of Events Research Packet’ - a veritable smorgasbord of insights for anyone in the events and conference space.

    And, here is the big one:

  3. A copy of ‘The Meaning Makers Minifesto’, a beautifully designed short book on ‘Purpose, fulfillment and getting what you go to work for’.

The conversation that sits around the ‘future of events’ blends so effortlessly with the insights we have into making work and life meaningful. I know you will love sinking your teeth into those resources.

More than that though, here is the highlight reel from the session itself (you’ll find extended annotation on these thoughts in the research packet, so for now, let’s keep it short and to the point):

  • Technology WILL radically change events. But not just yet.
  • The reality for now is that we have so many opportunities for increased impact simply by better putting into practice what we already know.
  • A clear understanding of WHO exactly you are designing for will (and MUST) influence the design of your session and conference itself.
  • Different people come to events for different reasons, but regardless of who they are, you have GOT to make it meaningful.
  • To make is meaningful:
    • Connect People to People
      • Give more time for people to engage with others
    • Teach them + Change Them
      • Curate conversations and give control
    • Create Something to Belong To
      • The world’s best events have transcended ‘conference’ and are now anchors for identity
    • Take Them Out of The Ordinary
      • Invest into moments that are fun and memorable

I’ve made these resources and thoughts available to you to start a conversation. I’d love to connect with you about what you are planning and building for 2018.

Let’s make it count.

Phill Nosworthy

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