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Part of my journey in becoming a keynote speaker has been the reflection and understanding that my unique and somewhat extreme experiences have raised, formulated and subsequently reinforced in me the importance of trust in my livelihood. In every direction I look the more I realise the importance trust holds in our various worlds, whether it be business or life.

By Dr Jess Gallagher

Having trust is a life learnt experience for me. From early on as I came to terms with my vision loss to my achievements as an athlete I have recognised that trust has played a crucial role in my successes and in the contrary the lack of trust has undoubtedly been the underpinning turning point through my greatest challenges and losses.

It's been an exciting journey to now be in the public eye both as a professional speaker and in television and media as it has allowed me to expand and reflect on those values that have played such vital roles in my world and to allow the audience to take that learning and apply it to their own circumstances and perspectives on life.

Trust is more important than it has ever been in our world and yet it seems so elusive to many. More frequently it feels like we are surrounded by dis-trust, confusion and ultimately chaos, trust's mortal enemy shifting our ability to be open, authentic and honest. Often I am asked 'How do you ski down a mountain over 100km/hour whilst a guide acts as your eye sight?' The simple answer always remains the same, it is hard. It doesn't matter how good you become it's always hard, you just get faster! Trust combined with constant challenges taught me that.

With trust comes engagement, openness, optimism and ultimately the opportunity for success. It might be hard to find but when you do hold on to it because it will take you places you never dreamt possible. It certainly has for me.

As I inch closer towards my next major championship the Commonwealth Games and undertake my role as GC2018 sport ambassador for Cycling I have the opportunity to speak to and inspire others to know that whatever you seek to achieve, trust will take you there.


Written by Jessica Gallagher: Motivational and Inspirational Speaker- Recently profiled as one of 200 Women Who Will Change The Way You See The World Jessica's keynote 'Trust - Mindset - Courage' will challenge you to think differently and see your world from a new perspective.

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