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"Sisters are doing it for themselves" 1985 was the year when the Eurythmics teamed up with Aretha Franklin and released this track. It was around the same time our CEO, Leanne Christie, started Ovations Speakers Bureau! But sadly for the speaking industry there weren't many 'sisters' on the speaking circuit back then.

As the song goes "Behind every great man, there has to be a great woman" "These times have changed, it's no longer true" Thankfully in 2013 female speakers are well represented and numbers are increasing.

"Standing on their own two feet, ringing their own bells" Yet even in 2013 the world of speaking within corporate events is still skewed towards the male demographic. It is good to know we are seeing more female educators, experts and leaders being booked. At Ovations we see plenty of trends come and go and are happy to report this is a consistent and growing trend that's here to stay.

"Woman to woman we will sing it with you" At Ovations we are delighted to partner with some of the best female speakers on the planet. Category trends such as CEO's, Business, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Technology, Performance, Corporate Culture, Motivation & Inspiration remain popular.

Here are 4 standouts you should keep on your radar:

CEO - Communication - Marketing - Leadership - HR

Award winning Advertising Executive and marketing guru.

Trends - Marketing - Communication - Retail - Sales

Amanda has released her fifth book - Retail Rescue: Lifeline Strategies for Business in Tough Times. Read more...

Leadership - Motivation - Culture

The first female in a decade chosen to lead a 12 month expedition to Antarctica. Read more...


Author - Media - MC - Inspiration

A fantastic host and facilitator Gretel also has a number of keynotes and we think she would hold her own in any debate! Read more...

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