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Meet the Speakers at the forefront of Mental Health

October is Mental Health Month, giving us the opportunity to bring new attention to the lives and experiences of those who live with mental illness.

This month, our speakers share their tips and challenge us to face our own assumptions about what living with mental illness looks like and to reevaluate our notions of recovery and healing.

Awareness about stress and anxiety has grown in recent years but it is still not openly discussed or engaged, especially at work. We also know that stressed-out employees are less happy, efficient, productive, and creative. When employees are happy and healthy, your customers and the bottom line will be too.

In a year where mental health illness is on the rise, Our speakers are qualified to discuss the emotional problems people face in a technologized and performance-oriented culture. They are engaging in the tough conversations that shift perspectives and save lives.

Using motivational and inspirational approaches, our speaker's tips help break down some of the vital issues that cause many to experience emotional adversity in modern society.

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