David Thomas - Diversifying Australia

Over the past 25 years, Australia’s population has increased by 7.5 million people, with most of the new arrivals coming as migrants from China and India. This is changing the face of Australia’s working population, creating new opportunities and challenges for Corporate Australia as we embrace Asian diversity at the senior levels of our organisations and institutions (political, media and business) to give us the best chance of future success in the region.

David Thomas has lived and worked in the Asia Pacific region for the past 30 years and has experienced the impact of these changes from ground level upwards. In this engaging and interactive presentation, he will cover:

  • The impact of immigration policy on Australia’s economy and business landscape
  • The benefits of diversity within high achieving organisations (includes case studies and success stories)
  • The opportunity for Australian organisations to embrace diversity as a recipe for success in the Asian Century
  • Cultural Intelligence ("CQ") - the essential new skill for business leaders of the future
  • The “Push” and “Pull” factors that will drive leadership and organisational effectiveness in Australia
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