Chadden Hunter

Australian wildlife biologist and filmmaker.

Timothy Papandreou

Timothy has spent time in equal measure in product, policy and business departments which allows him to give a well rounded overview of the AV & Connected vehicle space, rather than just focusing on one area.

Steve Okun

The Founder and CEO of APAC Advisors, Steve Okun is a leader on corporate public affairs, communications, sustainability, and stakeholder engagement in Asia Pacific.

Eliane Miles

Social researcher, business strategist, demographer and trends analyst

Samantha Brett

Commentator, writer multi-platform journalist, and presenter for 7News & Sunrise.

Gus Worland

Australian television and radio personality and director and founder of mental health foundation, Gotcha4Life.

Mark Wales

Mark was a career special forces officer in charge of 30 elite soldiers, his role was to lead combat missions deep behind enemy lines. Mark has completed 10 tours of duty to Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor, Lebanon and the Solomon Islands.

Mark's successful transition from the Army led him to a high-profile business career. He graduated with an MBA from the Wharton School of Business – and joined McKinsey & Company. Mark was listed in Wharton’s prestigious 40 under 40 awards for business excellence. He is the founder and CEO of a tough-luxury brand, Kill Kapture.

Mark’s best-selling memoir: Survivor: Life in the SAS, is known as one of the leading contemporary war memoirs.

Mark’s is married to Samantha Gash and they have a four-year-old boy called Harry.

Patrick Lee

Co-founder and former CEO of rottentomatoes.com, a leading entertainment website focused on movie reviews and news and one of the top 700 most trafficked sites in the world.

Sophie Renton

As an experienced researcher, Sophie understands how evidence-based insights can inform strategy and help organisations to thrive amidst change.

Geoff Brailey

A social researcher, strategic advisor and Lead Solution Designer at the internationally recognised McCrindle. Geoff excels in understanding and communicating how organisations can effectively engage diverse and intergenerational teams.

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