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A.C. Ping is an internationally acclaimed author and Self Mastery teacher. He has worked with Leaders and high performing people in Australia, the UK, Africa and America for over 20 years. His trilogy of personal development books have been translated into 11 languages and he has also written three business books on Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as numerous magazine and newspaper articles. 

He has researched Corporate Social Responsibility as a Fulbright Scholar and is currently completing a Doctorate in Applied Ethics. He teaches Applied Ethics and Sustainability at Southern Cross University and teaches Personal Mastery to senior executives at the Graduate School of Business at Queensland University of Technology .
Alistair's presentations are thought provoking and challenge the audience to explore the junction point between ancient wisdom, philosophy, Quantum Physics and Neuroscience.

Creating Personal Mastery
Work Life balance is often talked about as a goal for Senior Exectives but how do you create a sustinable way of BEing that is internally self supportoive and resileint to external shocks?  This presentation shows how to balance BEing and DOing to achieve long term well being and happiness. It presents a framework for undertsanding how we all live in the Past, Present and Future and what we need to do in each domain to create personal mastery.  Audiences will learn how to apply the latest research in Neuroscience to create strong daily pratices that will enable them to break free of old patterns and achieve desired goals.

Authentic Leadership
How does a good leader become great? What characteristics do Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Muhammed Ali and Steve Waugh have in common that can be applied to leadership?  This presentation revelas that leadership begins within from a strong foundation of values and vision. It shows how to build consistency into behaviours by mastering oneself hence allwing high trust to flourish. Audiences learn how to lead with integrity and resolve ethical dilemmas in a way that enables organisational trust to floursih and productivity to flow.



Our interstate business was growing strongly but the team responsible for a large amount of the work was under stress, with interpersonal relationships severely stretched. Tension at work was high and the personal health and performance of the team members began to suffer. There were a string of historical factors at play - performance, people and business issues that had not been effectively dealt with led to an impasse between management and staff. Individually, the manager and team members showed a strong desire for things to be different but none of them could see a clear path to improve the situation and their motivation to seek change was at an all time low. It was obvious that some fast and constructive intervention was required. A thorough team review and skilled counseling from our internal HR consultant identified the most effective way to create a fast change was to empower and motivate the local manager to lead from the front and create the change the team needed. Through her recommendation we engaged Alistair to undertake a 6 month executive coaching program. What can I say? The transformation was amazing at both a personal and team level. The individually adapted approach provided by A.C. cast a new light on the situation and empowered the initially skeptical manager to not only challenge and change their own behaviour and responses, but to take responsibility for setting standards for the team. Over a short period of time, they moved from a closed, individual and quite often hostile group to an open, communicative and collaborative team that were able to enjoy and create more success - all instigated by the management turn around. Twelve months later, it's hard to believe this group of motivated and happy people is the same team we despaired of. I'm very glad Alistair was part of our team.
- KPMG Australia

Whilst employed as Group Organisational Development Manager at Metcash Ltd, I utilised Alistair's services on a number of professional development programs, the most significant of which were two residential programs - The Metcash High Performing Manager Program and The Metcash Executive Leadership Program. In both these programs Alistair was involved in the development of materials and the delivery of sessions on Leadership and Personal Development. He was also involved in providing post program support through telephone and face to face coaching. I have the highest regard for Alistair's work which I find to be innovative, challenging and most importantly results driven. I have no hesitation in recommending Alistair as a Leadership trainer and Coach.
- Organisation Capability Manager, PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand.

A.C. Ping is an inspiring speaker and a brilliant teacher. He did a team building exercise with our small company, which has had a lasting effect on both myself and my husband as owners of the business as well as our loyal and fabulous staff. His training method and very special style has impacted greatly… I can highly recommend him for any task, be it large or small... His contribution to our company has been invaluable.
- Far North Queensland Destination Management

Your presentation at the Australian Meat Council's annual meeting was fascinating to everyone attending. After days of naval gazing, it was refreshing and inspiring for the delegates to think outside of their containers of processed product. We certainly look forward to the opportunity of working with you again.
- Managing Director, Lehman & Associates

I found your well planned, clear outline of the Ethics in Business issue accessible and effectively conveyed. I am sure it will have an impact with training groups and ... cause employees... to reassess their perspectives on decision making.
- Associate Professor, Director, Graduate Studies, RMIT Business

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