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Leadership Maestro
Leadership is just like Music. When all the elements align, amazing things happen!

In today's warp speed world there is accelerating demand for fast, exceptional results and the only way for businesses to achieve this is through expertly empowered staff. The challenge is that many leaders aren't congruent in their message, which leads to confused perceptions, amateur actions and rotten results. Adrian Heath is convinced that the answer is to turn to the metaphor of music and become a Leadership Maestro.

A leader becomes a maestro when Who they Are, What they Do and How they Say are all in alignment, their team just 'get them', their passion and intention is transferred and exceptional outcomes are the result.  Adrian is an expert in the relationship between music and leadership - The Leadership Maestro - and enables others to deliver their own congruent leadership message through his unique set of experiences and skills as a corporate leadership guru and composer/musician/performer. He has studied highly effective leaders and million selling hit songs and discovered the crucial element common to both which communicates so incredibly. Audiences experience the effectiveness of music in influencing change and walk away with powerful, real-world leadership strategies they can apply instantly. From rock singers to shower singers everyone gets it and is inspired by this eye-opener into the secret world of song and success.

Adrian's purpose is responsible world leadership. He has a decade and a half of leadership education experience as director of Evolution Learning, partnering with major corporations and organisations such as ANZ Bank, AMP, General Motors Australia, CMC Markets, Westpac,the Singapore Government and Austrade. Client's describe him as 'inspirational' and 'highly effective'. His lifelong passion for music has seen him tour Europe in a prestigious choir, tour the UK as a singer and guitarist in a rock band, release albums, compose and record music for film, advertising and corporations. He has a degree in Business Studies, a Graduate Certificate in Adult Education, Training and has studied Songwriting and Composition with the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston and achieved an honourable mention in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition.

Adrian is fascinated by the power of music and how it achieves so much good in the world, from enhanced learning to incredible healing and inspiring action.  The centre of Adrian's message is that insightful lesson's can be learned from music, one of nature's greatest gifts, and used to provide leadership metaphors that people can really grab hold of and apply in the real world to create amazing outcomes.

Keynote 1

Compose Yourself
Leadership is just like Music. When all the elements align, amazing things happen!
Adrian Heath's Leadership Maestro experience transports an audience into the secret world of successful songs and offers a wonderful new leadership paradigm. Through stories, music and audience contribution, it lifts the lid on the secret strategies that are common to both great music and great leadership. It truly entertains and informs.

If you've ever wondered how some leaders are able to liberate people's creativity, passion and initiative or been curious to as to why some songs leave a lasting impression, the answer is right here.  Audiences experience a unique blend of positive emotional connections, and crystal clarity on how to be, do and say great leadership. The harmonization effect on the room is stunning and makes this presentation perfect, not only as an inspirational leadership education experience but also as a sure fire way to bond the audience as one.

Audiences will learn:
- How your 'being' is the most influential element in your leadership song
- How to bridge the gap between your intention and their perception
- How to track for patterns and make predictions
- How to be certain of your next leadership move
- How to get it all together
- How to be confident that you will be able to liberate creativity, passion and
initiative in your team and unleash amazing results

Audiences will also discover why:
- Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds moves us in mysterious ways,
- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star has remained in the hit parade for over 200
years and why Imagine by John Lennon is the most influential song of all

Keynote 2

Harmonic Symphony
Perfect as a conference closer, opener or anytime in the conference when there is a need to do achieve Collaboration, Harmony, Confidence and Joy

Why Harmonic Symphony?
Harmony - Musical tones played together
Symphony - A Three movement orchestral piece
The key benefits of the harmonic symphony keynote are the three 'movements' that the process creates in the delegates.
1 - Collaboration and Harmony
2 - Confidence
3 - Joy

What is Harmonic Symphony?
It is a unique, highly interactive and creative keynote in which Adrian Heath (Leadership Maestro) unpacks the key elements of music and collaborates with
all the delegates to create a soundscape of beautiful voices and harmony. Even people who believe they can?t sing get to remove that label and sing proudly!

How does Harmonic Symphony work?
The delegates are inspired and artfully coached by Adrian to use their voices to learn and demonstrate the 7 key elements of music.
Pitch - They learn to hum then sing in tune
Melody - They learn how to sing a melody
Harmony - They learn to create and sing chords
Rhythm - They learn the importance of and experience Rhythm through
Tempo and Meter - They experience how different time signatures (meter) and
speed (tempo) change the effect of a piece of music
Lyrics - They learn how lyrics are weaved successfully in a song.
The element of 'Harmony' is where most time is spent as the whole audience becomes as one and together they collaborate in creating beautiful chordscapes. The effect is amazing, both aurally and on the individual and collective soul of the delegates.



Adrian thank you for re-instilling my faith in motivational speakers. You not only talk the talk, but you walk the walk. I can say that it has been a long time since I walked away from a presentation so inspired. Keep up the great work!
- Chris Fenech, Peugeot Australia

You did an amazing job at the conference, thankyou for closing it so magnificently
- Matt Church, Thought Leaders Conference

Thankyou for being in your truth, and inspiring me to be the same. Your music and words are amazing. I am moved
- Audience Member, Thought Leaders Conference

Your presentation was inspirational, energizing, and most of all very real, deeply authentic. An absolute demonstration of bringing all of ourselves to all we do. The concepts and models will not only enhance my work with clients, but also triggered some 'aha' moments in relation to my own life. Thanks again, Adrian. I have to say, it was the highlight of the conference sessions for me!
- Kalli Pulos. Executive Coach. Institute of Executive Coaching

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