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Al Jeffery is an internationally renowned community-architect, integrative performance facilitator, and mindfulness coach. As a ‘millennial’ himself, he connects wisdom from across generations to help clients create vibrant inter-generational and human-centered places. With his book, Modern Tribe as the basis for his work, he works with entrepreneurs and teams cultivating cultures of connectedness, group-flow and wellbeing; preparing communities for the emerging future. He started his own entrepreneurial journey at the age of 12, and has since been listed in Australia's Top 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs twice in a row and twice nominated for Young Australian of the Year. As a mindfulness and performance coach, through his company Realise Flow, Al merges the two worlds of business and wellbeing to support those creating our future in their wellbeing and performance.

He’s worked with the likes of Apple, Google Australia, AusPost, Telstra, Deliveroo and many more in designing and facilitating leadership development programs as well as offsite retreats, creating workplaces with wellbeing and an atmosphere for creativity at their core. 

Speaking topics

TogetherApart: Facilitating Engaging Online Experiences (90-minute virtual workshop):

Facilitating engaging meetings and online experiences has never been more important! What a great opportunity to learn the fundamental practices to design and facilitate connecting, creative and courageous group experiences, online and offline.

Leave with:

  • an understanding of the architecture of psychological safety and emotional intimacy in groups
  • templates for designing your meeting, pre-meeting communication and in-meeting tools
  • clarity on your personal opportunity for growth in facilitating highly-effective gatherings
  • practical tools for making the most of Zoom and online meeting softwares

Hope, Heartbreak and Resilient Leadership (30-45 minute recorded keynote)

Hope and fear have been in the media - and our experience - substantially of late. There is no doubt that we are facing acute stress and prolonged uncertainty in both our leadership and lives. Those who endure and become wiser in their actions over time, learn to move beyond both hope alone, and fear alone; they learn a kind of resilience that embraces them both.

Leave with:

  • an understanding of how hope can support our leadership and how it can tarnish our leadership
  • an understanding of how fear can support our leadership and how it can tarnish our leadership
  • practical models for finding ease amidst change, ambiguity and turbulent times
  • clear examples of how leaders have fallen into blind-hope or descending-heartbreak and how you can navigate this terrain

Re-Connect: Thriving in the 21st Century Renaissance

  • The science of belonging and how it drives innovation
  • The architecture of a creative culture that embraces fresh ideas
  • How leading companies are building innovative culture
  • Insights into the micro-skills of leadership for the 21st century
  • Clear models for increasing engagement and cohesion in a team environment
  • Simple and highly-effective ways to start implementing change

Leading Change: The Courageous Leader

  • Insights into the future of work and how this disrupts leadership
  • What leaders are doing to stay relevant and how you can too
  • Frameworks and tools to lean into courage in your leadership
  • Clear models to lead courageous teams across generations

Gather: Designing Thriving Communities

  • The social, economic and psychological drivers of community
  • See under the cover of thriving communities
  • Understand what makes a community resilient and generative
  • A clear framework for designing and activating a community/team/group
  • Understand what might be stunting your community or team’s performanceSimple and highly-effective ways to start implementing change

Quest for Meaning: Sense-Making and Way-Finding

  • Understanding of the 21st century context and our pull for purpose
  • The inner-workings of meaning, happiness and flourishing
  • Self-knowledge and new insights into personal habits and behaviour
  • A renewed connection to purpose, values, and your emotional drivers
  • Tools to help infuse work and life with greater meaning and purpose
  • Practices to help find more ease and connection in work and life

A Return to Tribe: How Community and Connection Drive Innovation

  • Understand the research revealing ‘belonging’ as being critical within creative and resilient teams
  • Understand emerging trends redefining workplace culture
  • Insights into leadership micro-skills that will propel you as a leader in the emerging economy

This talk is perfect for: Leaders and people managers wanting to evoke fresher, wiser and bolder thinking. 

Tribal Leader: Leadership and Influence in the Emerging Economy

  • Understand the 2 micro-skills of facilitation and storytelling + how they will set you apart in this economy
  • Insights into developing healthy and productive team environments
  • How compassion and mindfulness will effect your team and your business.

This talk is perfect for: Leaders, emerging leaders and executives seeking to prepare themselves for the future of leadership

Tomorrow’s Tribal Leader: Making Your Mark in the Next Economy.

  • Understand the technical and creative tools to navigate and set you apart in the next economy
  • Develop a greater sense of your strengths, values and creative talents
  • Uncover your purpose blueprint
  • Broaden your perspective on what might be possible.

This talk is perfect for: Senior and university students, graduates and young professionals seeking to make their mark.

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Facilitating Online
Al Jeffery - Modern Tribe The Power of Cultural Dexterity and Connectedness
Al jeffrey - Made in Space 2017 Talk Modern Tribe Personal Growth in the 21st Century
Made in Space 2017 Talk Modern Tribe Personal Growth in the 21st Century
Designing Emergent Social Ecosystems: Al Jeffery at TEDxYouth
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