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A visionary thought leader, customer experience strategist and two time author, Alex Allwood has published a new book for 2020, Customer Empathy: A radical intervention in customer experience management and design.

A leading authority on customer experience (CX), Alex inspires audiences to ‘feel with their customers’, understanding the customer’s experience, from their perspective. This is the power of customer empathy.

Utilising her dynamic ‘learn-by-doing’ technique, Alex enables audience members to switch on customer empathy; helping them to step into another person’s world and walk in their shoes.

Alex’s energetic technique uses customer empathy nudges, small and subtle prompts that inspire change, to get audiences involved in feeling and understanding customer experiences from a different point of view.

A master storyteller, Alex layers 20 years of insight, social commentary and case studies to deliver a powerful message that’s perfect for strengthening customer experience in Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C) and Non-Profit organisations.

Alex’s customised conference keynotes, seminar presentations and workshops are described as ‘powerful, inspiring and actionable’. Alex will personally work with you to design a tailored presentation for small or large audiences that’s relevant and memorable.

Speaking topics

Switching On Customer Empathy – a radical intervention in customer experience

Empathy is undervalued and underutilised - this makes customer empathy the most powerful human resource in business today.

As the world around us rapidly changes, meaningful connection with customers is diminishing. Instead we are bound to our work through technology, data, scores and business outcomes - our decisions becoming less and less human.

As it stands, the way we connect with customers is overdue for radical intervention.

Customer empathy enables us to build deeper connection through seeing our customer’s world differently; how customers think, feel and experience from their perspective.

When we switch on customer empathy this enables us to feel what it’s like to be a customer; understanding their perspective to develop customer-centric decision making that positively impacts customers, employees and the business.

Alex shares personal stories, brand case studies and her ‘learn-by-doing’ technique using customer empathy nudges, to help audiences step into another person’s world, walk in their shoes and switch on customer empathy.

Key learnings:

  • What’s causing the customer empathy deficit
  • Are men more or less empathetic than women
  • The 3 core skills required to develop customer empathy
  • How to create customer empathy nudges
  • High performance brand case studies using customer empathy
Alex Allwood speaker

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Customer & Culture Two Halves of Customer Experience

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