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Alexander (Sandy) Moore is considered one of the foremost experts and speakers on Franchising and Real Estate.

After a number of years in leisure and QSR management for two multi-national companies in Australia, Sandy made a sea change to the world of Real Estate in 1989 and joined Australasia's largest Franchise Real Estate firm LJ Hooker.

For the next 15+ years Sandy worked in various markets in Australia, with exposure to Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Retail segments as well as the intricacies of Franchising.

A particular specialty was Project Marketing, and relationships were formed with private and public developers as well as a number of listed and unlisted Property Trusts.

A 2007 meeting in Singapore saw Sandy invited to review the market potential in India, and a 7 year long love affair with the Indian and Asian property and franchise markets has ensued.

As resident in Bangalore India and the Chief Executive Officer of LJ Hooker (India) till July 2014, Sandy divided his time between the establishment of the LJ Hooker network in India, working on the Committee of the Confederation of Real Estate Associates (India), numerous speaking engagements throughout the country, plus a range of consultancy work in the Real Estate, Franchise, and allied spaces.

Recently relinquishing his role as CEO of LJ Hooker India to take a broader role in the Asian markets and deliver both consultancy and training in the region to a variety of Real Estate, Franchise and Service sector businesses.

Sandy maintains an active interest in many Asian markets and the general issues of successfully establishing and operating Franchising and Real Estate transactional businesses particularly residential Project Marketing in the region.

Presentations are tailored for the event and audience and normally include a PPP and emailable follow up notes to participants.
Some past groups include Media, Builder and Agency Awards Ceremonies, Developer Associations, Agency Associations, Private Developers and Builders, Franchise Groups and Franchise Associations.

Solving the Trust Enigma
The latest keynote from Alexander (Sandy) Moore is a sure fire winner in having your team understand the importance of harnessing technology to drive sales. An intriguing look at how trust is built with your market and the effect of trust on sales performance. This keynote ties together the well-researched notion of the Trust Imperative with the burgeoning technology available to us from advanced CRM systems to social media, personal on line marketing, and SEO. A must see any business looking to have their team really understand how to drive their relationships and sales performance. Solutions driven and targeted to change behaviour and create action.

A range of tailored options from the 50 minute keynote ? Solving the Trust Enigma? through to half day interactive programs covering areas such as the effective use of technology to drive sales performance, personal marketing and social media positioning, disruptive change and how to make this an opportunity.
Solutions driven, and targeted to change behaviour and create action.
Does your brand want 4 billion new customers ? a 50 minute keynote looking at the Asian markets and what they offer. A breakdown of the key markets and a look at the pros and cons you will face with a number of relevant case studies, some inspirational and some that will make you laugh. Insightful analysis from someone who has tackled these markets and really knows the issues.
Real Estate
As well as the core sales topics there is a range of customised delivery specifically for the Real estate sector that drills down to the key issues of prospecting, listing, negotiating and selling. From 50 minute key note addresses to half day interactive training courses and intimate leadership strategy sessions for key managers.

Some popular topics include:
Research Presentations - working from primary data and reviewing the trends and implications.
The Demographic Tsunami that is India - an overview of the India demographic and the future implications on the real estate market.
Technology in Real Estate - the impact of technology, future directions and how to harness this for the industry.

Franchising in Asia - How is Asia different to mature western markets and what are the lessons to learn ?
The Indian Real Estate Consumer - who are they and how do we engage with them.
Alexander (Sandy) Moore offers your members an insight into the huge Asian markets at their doorstep with some 4 billion potential customers.

The focus of many Australian companies has shifted from the US and Euro markets to the larger growth markets of Asia. Companies are looking to our west and trying to understand how to manage both product and sales strategies to enter these sometimes difficult to read markets.

This keynote address covers the demographics and key market characteristics of the region but goes a lot deeper to understand the essence of how business is achieved. Each of the 30 odd markets has its own unique characteristics, and the region as a whole can be disparate and  confusing. This presentation aims to provide leaders and decision makers with the information required to look at entry to these massive new markets.

Alexander has been involved in franchising since the late 1980?s in both the Real Estate and QSR markets. Between 2007 and 2014 he was CEO of iconic Australian Real Estate Franchisor LJ Hooker in India. He is now resident in Sydney and working with a number of Australian and US companies with their expansion plans into Asia.
It is rare to find a speaker with such in depth and hands on knowledge of how the Asian markets work from the consumer, commercial and franchise perspectives.
Insightful analysis from someone who has tackled these markets and really knows the issues.

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