Most organisations (private and public) these days worry about achieving impact and about the capacity of their leaders to think straight, relate well and act powerfully.

Alistair Mant is a world-renowned authority on leadership and on the complexities and frustrations of managing organisations in turbulent environments.

His books: Intelligent Leadership and The Bastard's a Genius are standard texts on creativity and entrepreneurship. He acts as executive coach to leaders in many fields all round the world.

Audiences describe his talks on leadership, creativity and entrepreneurship as 'inspiring', 'fresh', 'captivating' and 'unique'. "He has the capacity to communicate complex ideas in a digestible form to all levels of an organisation. He is practical, witty and wise".

His newest book is a biography of Robert Clifford, the Australian inventor and shipbuilder who has transformed a key sector of world shipping. "The book of the year!' Alistair Mant deftly places little Tasmania in the pilot seat of Australia's quest for the 21st century - so thank God for Alistair Mant!"


Alistair Mant is an Australian - amongst the most original of his generation - and he seems to have come up with an analysis of this country's present condition which nobody else has quite matched for depth and point
- Clive James on The Rise ' Fall of the British Manager

An exciting, frightening, stimulating analysis of what makes leaders tick and get elected.....It's delightfully outrageous and provoking; anyone in any way concerned with taking or thinking about leadership should read it
- Leaders we Deserve

Alistair Mant's take on intelligent leadership has stood the test of time. He offers no-nonsense practical guidance, insights and wisdom about leadership and management for all practitioners.
- Secretary of the Department of Defence, High Commissioner to NZ and Chancellor, Australian National University

Alistair Mant is a very rare man; his work is pragmatic and practical - he blends his insight into leadership, human behaviour and organisational understanding in a manner that empowers people to make a difference - to collaborate, to enquire, to investigate and then to do something with the results. Listening to Alistair is not a passive activity- it is invigorating. Alistair's ability to link apparently disparate issues in a way that causes them to make sense- demolishes blockages and facilitates creativity and action.
- Managing Director, Foresight Management Group

I engaged Alistair Mant to lead a management and leadership seminar at my Department in Canberra recently. Alistair was both inspiring and entertaining and the feedback from my senior executives was the most positive of all the reactions to the many excellent speakers that have participated in our seminar series over the last four years. I would be very happy to have Alistair back any time he is in Australia.
- Secretary of the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services & Indigenous Affairs.

Alistair Mant is an engaging and convincing presenter, as well as being a raconteur of some note. His style is to lead his audience to conclusions rather than thrust his views on them. His style is very effective. My personal dealings with him was in the context of the strategic management of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a decentralised agency of around 2000 staff .. to improve the management skills of senior staff. He brought a unique, fresh and personal approach to these matters, which proved to be effective and which brought about real change - something that management consultants rarely achieve! He has a very laid back style and impacts on the thinking of people without seeming to try to do so. He is very good at influencing people.
- Australian Statistician and Director of the UK Office for National Statistics.

Alistair's refreshing take on ways to recognise, classify and manage different kinds of complex systems resonated with a tough audience of auto parts supplier company CEOs at successive annual conferences. An aptly engaging and relevant speaker and facilitator.
- CEO of the Federation of Automobile Production Management.

In a world where public leaders struggle endlessly with the unforeseen consequences of their actions, it's inspiring to hear Alistair Mant's penetrating analysis of the root causes of system failures. With great charm, and a hint of wickedness, Alistair leads us back to a place of uncommon sense where purpose is allowed to define process, and process define organisation. He is a captivating speaker and one's only regret is having to wait until now to receive such wisdom.
- Founder of the Clinical Leaders' Association of New Zealand and of the Compassion in Healthcare Trust.

Alistair Mant is an engaging, entertaining, thoughtful and provocative speaker. He has the capacity to communicate complex ideas in a digestible form to all levels of an organisation. He is practical, witty and wise.
- Legal Services Commissioner of New South Wales.

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