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Allan Bolton has impressive credentials, addresses hard health issues with humour not ridicule, and is living proof that regardless of life's challenges, we can all win. He walks the talk! Global Warming is one thing what about the people on the planet Global Norming is hurting business, people, families and society. Business has entered an age where nurturing its Human Capital is recognised as a key business value. Today's fast pace can make successful integration between work, rest and play difficult.

Allan Bolton - The People's Renewable Energy Man - is a compelling presenter with impressive credentials; his message isn't complicated or guilt-laden. Rather he challenges audiences with simple, achievable solutions in an innovative and fun way his verbal delivery is backed visually with clever, to the point, cartoons.

If a positive attitude is contagious - Allan Bolton is dangerously infectious. The underpinning X-factor of his delivery is his inspiring and continuing triumph over a life-long disease. It speaks volumes about taking charge without saying a word. Allan motivates and inspires changes in headspace from I can't to I can, from not interested to I want to.

In the past the business benefits of good health and vitality were invisible. New research has clearly exposed these as a serious business performance issue.  Annually, absenteeism and presenteeism cost business $7billion and $25.7billion respectively.

If fiscal performance is a measure of business success then it's clear! Less than optimal health, delivers less than optimal profit.
Clever organisations know that maximising vitality, engagement and enthusiasm for better functional health is a key, often untapped source of improved performance.

Allan Bolton shows his audiences and their organisations how to turn-the-tap-on and avoid being just another Global Norming statistic.

Allan Bolton's achievements in business and human performance are equally impressive:
Past Australian Fitness Leader of the Year; Developed the Health and Fitness Industry's Professional Accreditation courses used in over 40 countries; Co- developer of the internationally acclaimed GutBusters Waist Loss Program for Men; Scientific advisor and health and fitness expert for Weight Watchers Australasia; and despite having lived with insulin dependent diabetes for 30 years Allan has completed over 100 alpine, water and road-based endurance events around the world including 2 Ironman triathlons and a handful of multi-day, wilderness adventure races.

Presentation titles

  • Global 'Norming' - How to beat it!
  • Vital people drive business
  • Wake Up & LIVE!
  • Health on Venus and Mars
  • Recharge, perform and grow
  • How to FEEL ALIVE, not just stay alive...
  • Power your people. Boost your business
  • Manage your Health to Maximise your Business
  • The UPside of Change
  • People 'R' Renewable POWER
  • Wake up and live


Allan Bolton doesn't deliver a complicated or guilt-laden message. Rather he challenges you with simple, achievable solutions in an innovative and fun way - and with cartoons that are so visual, so clever and so to the point. The follow up e-coach is also a real value-add and unique to Allan as a speaker. A week and a half later when I checked almost all of our people had voluntarily signed up to the program. What does that tell you?
- Pacific Zone, Human Resources

Congratulations Allan on achieving a 100% perfect score! The 100% award is presented to TEC speakers who receive a perfect score from TEC members. Since its inception in 1987, the 100% award has been presented 32 times to only 18 speakers out of the more than 5000 TEC presentations. TEC audiences are very discerning and the numbers here show that it is a great feat to receive such a rating. Congratulations again on reaching this outstanding benchmark.
- The Executive Connection

For some time now I have been contemplating a different type of speaker for our recent Managers Conference. With plenty of management, leadership and inspirational speakers out there, I wanted to give something back to the team on a more personal basis that would in turn benefit the business..Allan touched a common theme with nearly all of our managers - They need to look after themselves better.Allan's ability of relating to everyday people gave him much relevance within our group. He created a belief that everyone could change some ways in which they look after themselves and that it wasn't that difficult... The simple steps that Allan outlined certainly made a difference, with many people changing some simple, but not insignificant things they do in relation to diet and exercise. Some actually started having breakfast, which they claimed they could not endure prior to the presentation... A couple even began an exercise programme and cut back on things that where not good for them. I would recommend Allan Bolton to any organisation that is looking for a presenter that will create long lasting impressions for any audience. The benefits for each individual and the business are immeasurable.
- General Manager, Coates Shorco

Finding a lifestyle speaker is easy, finding one who can take a real life message and deliver it as powerfully as you did is very difficult
- Financial Wisdom

Allan was rated as the best speaker at our seminars across the country. He is flexible and a delight to work with
- Commonwealth Bank

The feedback on your session has been sensational. You put life in perspective. You are an inspiration but more importantly you’re very, very, very real
- 3M Australia

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Allan Bolton

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