Amanda Campbell

Sometimes the workplace needs a reset. To overcome change, stress, and disconnection. To take the time to reconnect and re-align. Amanda believes that flexibility builds resilience, and building resilience in people, in turn improves business.

As a Kinesiologist, resilience trainer and keynote speaker, Amanda works with CEOs, business leaders, and individuals to help them master resilience, uncover blind spots and achieve their personal and professional goals. She actively works to lead businesses and corporations to challenge the people that make them great. Amanda motivates, inspires, and resets organisations by positively influencing their mind, bodies, and lives.

At the age of 24, Amanda was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). A debilitating incurable disease that renders its sufferers prone to paralysis, nerve damage, and in some cases blindness.

Paralysed down the entire left-hand side of her body, unable to wash, walk or feed herself, Amanda was given only a 50% chance of ever walking again. With no choice but to succeed, Amanda channelled her energy into a positive force. With a mountain of determination, the aid of eastern and western medicines, Amanda astounded everyone by not only walking unaided but running again.

At age 29, Amanda discovered that a flexible mindset impacts everything that matters: our body’s ability to repair, how happy and resilient we are and how connected we feel. Since her recovery, bringing together informed thinking from the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, and nutrition to create a portfolio of products and services that promote healing, health and inspiration through mindfulness and grounded thinking.

Amanda Campbell’s programs are designed to maximise resilience and health. With a flexible mindset, we can master change and reimagine what can be possible in our mind, body, and life. - Amanda Campbell

Speaking topics

Amanda's Story

  • Inspirational keynote
  • How to master resilience with flexibility
  • How to adapt to change
  • Transforming obstacles into opportunities
  • Amandas' resilience formula

Happy Mind

  • Flexibility in our mindset impact everything that matters
  • Our brain's ability to adapt and rewire
  • How happy and resilient we are
  • How we perform in times of setbacks

Happy Body

  • Nourish the mind-body connection with movement
  • Promote better posture, fitness and detoxification
  • Move the body and let go of negative emotions
  • Manage stress with functional stretches and exercises

Happy Food

  • Nourish your body on a cellular level
  • What foods to increase to feel good that also promote repair
  • Master 625 recipes
  • When you eat better you will feel better


  • Give yourself the best environment to adapt
  • Wash and empty the mind
  • The power of meditation
  • Fostering creativity and innovation at work

Journaling & Gratitude

  • Live life deliberately with intention and gratitude
  • Promote a growth mindset
  • Close the tabs in your mind regularly
  • Reduce stress
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Presenter Showreel

Presenter Showreel

Resilience and Recovery

Resilience and Recovery

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