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Amanda Stevens is a renowned thought leader on the customer experience. She combines current consumer insights with fascinating research into buying behaviour, delivering organisations and business owners powerful strategies for connecting with their customers.

Amanda has a double degree in consumer psychology and marketing. She has consulted to some of the country’s biggest brands, including Lend Lease, Microsoft, Procter and Gamble and even the Australian Liberal Party. Recognised as one of the most entertaining speakers on the circuit, Amanda has presented at over 700 conferences in 14 countries. She combines practical strategies with a mesmerizing storytelling style, leaving audiences with memorable messages and actionable insights.

Amanda is a former Young Australian of the Year (Career Achievement, NSW) and in 2003 was awarded the prestigious Centenary Medal by the Governor General for Business Innovation. Amanda is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), one of the highest accolades awarded by the Professional Speakers Association of Australia. She has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Sir Bob Geldof and in 2014 was the supporting speaker for Condoleezza Rice at the Global Leadership Summit.

Speaking topics

Turning Clients Into Advocates - the key to creating unpaid walking talking adverts

Good brands have satisfied customers. Great brands have raving fans.

De-coding the science of advocacy, Amanda explores why existing customer bases are a businesses greatest hidden asset and outlines a plan for delegates to create a brand that customers willingly and enthusiastically rave about.

With the current shift from ‘word of mouth’ to ‘word of mouse’ a business can grow at lightning speed if it delivers an incredible customer experience, amplified by social media.

Drawing on industry-specific case studies and examples, Amanda outlines:

  • Why customer advocacy is becoming the most critical indicator of brand success
  • How to turn ‘word of mouth’ advocacy into ‘word of mouse’ advocacy
  • Three ways to engage your existing client base and convert them to advocates
  • The two consumer segments that are three times as likely to become active advocates
  • How to triple the referral rate of each existing customer
  • How to secure a celebrity ambassador without spending a cent

Retail Revival - strategies for thriving in turbulent times

In 2013, over 3,000 Australian retailers shut their doors. The last five years have seen the toughest economic climate for the retail sector in decades yet in that time, with the same economic environment and same consumer confidence, many retailers have achieved double-digit growth.

What those brands are doing differently was what Amanda Stevens set out to identify in writing her latest book, Retail Revival.

In this fast-paced, results-driven presentation, backed with current consumer research, case studies and proven ideas Amanda shares:

  • Where consumers are really shopping and what the data doesn’t tell you
  • The three mistakes retailers make before going out of business and how to avoid them
  • Why online is not the real enemy and why it’s crucial to bricks and mortar success
  • The power of creating a ‘religious’ brand following - both online and offline
  • The four ingredients for building a profitable social media following
  • How to leverage joint venture marketing

Marketing to the Majority - the future of consumer behaviour

With the simple framework of gender, Amanda reveals how men and women will shop, purchase and form brand loyalty in years to come. Backed by neurological research and indepth analysis of consumer trends, this keynotes provides insight into how brands market to the majority, and the growth this brings even in turbulent times.

Whether you’re selling hardware or homewares, travel or telecommunications, cars or computers — this presentation will arm you with an incredible toolbox of sales and marketing ideas to get more customers buying more products and services from you more often.

Key takeaways include:

  • The future of consumer behaviour and how the consumer of tomorrow will shop
  • The three key social trends impacting the definition of value
  • Emerging technology trends and their impact on the sales & marketing process
  • Why consumers really buy and how to push the five key buying buttons
  • How a basic understanding of consumer psychology can unleash creativity and innovation in an organisation

People Magnets - the key to connection

In this drastically altered, post digital world, a renewed focus is being placed on the power of human connection.

More than ever, the way we speak, hold ourselves and non-verbally communicate has the power to influence – whether in a sales negotiation or in our personal lives. In this enlightening keynote Amanda examines the critical ways we can each focus on building a rapport with those around us.

Key takeaways include:

  • The pitfalls of 24-7 connection
  • How to read body language in a post-digital era
  • How men and women differ and how you can connect better with the opposite sex
  • How to embrace technology and leverage it to build non-digital relationships
  • Why questions are the answers in all business situations

Wonderwoman - build the business & life of your dreams

Women are starting businesses at almost three times the rate of men — turning their passions into profits. Having done this herself, no one knows how to weather the highs and lows better than Amanda.

In this unique personal presentation designed specifically for female entrepreneurs trying to juggle it all, Amanda shares her short-cuts to success, proven strategies for jumpstarting a business and how you can harness the power of ‘Wonderwoman’

Delegates will walk away with the following:

  • How to recognize when your gut is right
  • Stop saying ‘Yes’ and ‘Sorry’ when it’s not right for you
  • Why done is better than perfect
  • Why the little things are often the big things - modern mechanisms for women to create the life they truly deserve.
  • * Wonderwoman is specifically designed for female audiences - womens groups, business awards and networking events.


  • The Experience Economy: Navigating the new path to brand loyalty
  • Word-of-Mouth to Word-of-Mouse: Building brand advocates click by click
  • Same, Same but Different: How to tailor your Sales and marketing efforts for different generations
  • Fifty Shades of Grey: The emerging opportunity of the boomer generation
  • WonderWoman: How to have it all without losing it*


Amanda is world-class. Her keynote was the talk of the conference and everyone commented on how practical and valuable her ideas were.
- LJ Hooker Real Estate

Enter Amanda Stevens. She blew the room away and turned our clients into raving fans.
- The Age Newspaper

WOW ... just Amazing. Amanda took us on a 60-minute mind-blowing journey and we were with her ever second of the way.
- Millennium 3 Financial

What a way to finish the conference. Amanda is without doubt the best speaker I have seen in 20 years.
- Cosmetics and Fragrance Association

Amanda is a very enjoyable speaker with fantastic humor!
- Indiana University Health

One of the most engaging and funny speakers I've seen in a very long time. Amanda is the perfect combination of insight, entertainment, humour and take-aways. Nothing short of brilliant!
- First National Real Estate

If you're looking for a speaker who will over deliver and have your audiences talking long after she's left the stage, book Amanda ... you won't be disappointed.
- CommInsure

Out of this world. Amanda's keynote is like a good movie - it has you thinking about it for days afterwards.
- Business Bootcamp

Fantastic content! I could listen to Amanda all day.
- Global M2W Conference, Chicago

Amanda was an absolute pleasure to work with. True professional from beginning to end! Her presentation was very well received by our audience and she even handled a few technical difficulties with ease, working it into her presentation and using it to get some laughs along the way! Our audience loved her and so We look forward to working with Amanda again in the future!
- Event Manager The Upside Melbourne

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