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Andrew Griffiths is Australia's #1 small business author with 11 books now sold in over 50 countries. His passion is to energise entrepreneurs and at the same time help them to achieve their business goals and dreams.

Andrew is a highly engaging presenter, having worked with over 200 organisations globally. His past client list includes many leading brands such as Telstra, Hertz, Bendigo Bank, Schwarzkopf, Jetset Travelworld Group, GHD, L'Oreal, Ray White, CPA, ING, Stockland and Ramsay Health Care. He has presented as part of Richard Bransons team at the Financial Education Summit and he also presented at the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table event in Los Angeles.

Andrew is also featured regularly in the media. He is small business advisor for CBS Interactive and a Small Business Ambassador for ANZ. Andrew appears regularly on various radio shows, in print with newspaper and magazine articles and features and on television shows including Sunrise and Good Morning New Zealand.  

In essence Andrew is an entrepreneur at heart. From humble beginnings as an orphan growing up in Western Australia, Andrew has owned and operated a number of very successful small businesses, starting his first enterprise at age 7, a newspaper round in the seedy red light area of Perth.  Since then he has sold encyclopaedias door to door, travelled the world as an international sales manager for a large Japanese shipping company, worked in the Great Sandy Desert for a gold exploration company, had his own SCUBA school and retail shop, worked as a commercial diver throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea and run his own marketing and communication company.

Andrew's books include:

The Big Book of Small Business
Bulletproof Your Business NOW
101 Ways to Market Your Business
101 Ways to Really Satisfy Your Customers
101 Ways to Have a Business and a Life
101 Ways to Boost Your Business
101 Ways to Advertise Your Business
101 Secrets to Building a Winning Business
101 Ways to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business
101 Ways to Sell More of Anything to Anyone


Andrew presents on a range of topics, generally based around one or more of his books.  He has developed a reputation as a complete professional. He is easy to work with, happy to spend time with his audience before and after an event and is keen to make certain that his clients are absolutely satisfied with the outcome of his presentation.

The following topics are his main keynote themes, however all presentations can be customized to suit the target audience. If you have a specific event theme or a topic you would like to covered, talk to Andrew and see what he can come up with.

The 9 Rituals that Create Small Business Superstars
There is certainly no lack of information available offering really good advice on how to make a business more successful. Yet with all of this information available at our fingertips, 24 hours a day, why are more businesses going bust than ever before? All of the best information, advice, tips, laws etc are useless if the individual business owner doesn't have the right rituals in place to implement this information. This very practical presentation will give delegates 9 rituals to adopt that will literally transform their business.

It's a jungle out there: the 10 greatest challenges facing small business owners and what we can do about them
There is no doubt that the way we do business has changed dramatically in the past ten years and in all likelihood it is going to change even more in the next decade. So what are the 10 greatest challenges that all small business face and most importantly what do they need to do to overcome these challenges and come out on top? Andrew Griffiths travels the world meeting small business owners, sharing their experiences, observing them and giving them advice. This is a whirlwind experience that will give any small business owners answers, clarity and inspiration to take their business forward.

Understanding tomorrows consumer today - because if you don't, your competitors will
One of the biggest challenges for most business owners is the rapid rate of change in consumers. Loyalty is in many ways a thing of the past, with the consumer holding the upper hand. In other words they have a choice and they?re not afraid to use it. In this energetic presentation Andrew explains exactly how consumers have changed and how they are likely to keep changing and most importantly, what we as small business owners need to do about.

Welcome to the age of the Entrepreneur - individual success in a complicated world
We live in a world of incredible opportunity and equally incredible entrepreneurs. But regardless of whether they are the high flying Richard Branson's or the unknown E Bay millionaires, these modern day entrepreneurs share common personal characteristics that set them apart from those around them. In this keynote presentation Andrew will showcase exactly what these common characteristics are in a way that any entrepreneur can learn from and act upon.

The 7 Most Inspirational Strategies for Business Success in a Highly Competitive World
Running a business is tough, no doubt about that. Most business owners are looking for ways to stay motivated and even more importantly, stay inspired. As the business owner you are the barometer for the business and if you are not at your best, your business is at risk. Australia?s #1 Small Business Author, Andrew Griffiths will share his 7 most inspirational strategies that will help business owners and managers make simple changes in the way they think and act that will have a profound impact on their business. This powerful presentation is the end result of Andrew's own experiences as well as his observations of some of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs.

The ME MYTH - learning to lead by letting go
Based on Andrew?s international bestselling book, The ME MYTH, this powerful keynote presentation will inspire leaders to rethink their management style, the way they act and react, their ability to connect and engage and most importantly their ability to lead those around them to be the very best they can be. Described by many as 'totally life changing' this is an energetic presentation that is raw, real and honestly relevant.

The BIG Business of SMALL Business
Designed predominantly as a corporate presentation for organizations with small businesses as customers this enlightening presentation will show how to find more small business customers, encourage them to spend more with your organization, get them refer you to other small businesses and keep them loyal for long periods of time. The potential value of having sales teams, managers and key decision makers involved in this presentation will soon become apparent as Andrew shares his intimate knowledge and passion of the small business sector.

The Andrew Griffiths Journey
If you are looking for an inspiring personal story, one with many ups and downs, Andrew's life story fits the bill. Starting life as an orphan, with an unusual and in many ways bizarre upbringing, Andrew has achieved a lot and continues to achieve. He has had a host of careers including selling encyclopaedias door to door, running his own dive shop and commercial dive operation, gold exploration in Western Australia, traveling the world as a Sales Manager for a large Japanese shipping company and more. Andrew shares his own publishing journey and the impact this has had on him and others. A powerful, inspiring and engaging story, ideal for an audience looking for a strong example of overcoming adversity and looking at life in a different way.


Andrew was exceptional. He engaged everyone in the room, he made us laugh, he made us think, he made us sit up and take notice. He is a remarkable man and we will certainly be getting him back to inspire us.
- Bendigo Bank

Absolutely bloody brilliant, thank you so much for your time and presentation. There are a number of lessons I have taken on board and along with Have a Business and a life, I have plenty to think about, and to do.

I just wanted to thank you for your contribution to our conference, I know everyone enjoyed your presentation and you probably had the highest rating for Value.
- Angus & Robertson, Operations Director

Thank you for presenting at our ITIB Seminar. What can I say, another show stopping performance. Some great feedback flooding through already, you truly have grown into an international standard presenter with a huge future.
- In Touch In Business Magazine, CEO

Andrew Griffiths showed a group of our clients how important it is to market their small business. He was able to provide them with the practical skills to help them connect with their clients. It was brilliant to watch and wonderful to see the lights go around the room. The feedback after the event was exceptional.
- Loreal Professional, Special Events

It was wonderful to hear you present at our conference earlier this week. I've received a lot of feedback from managers and it seems unanimous - your presentation was the highlight of their day. Some have already read a lot of your book too. Well done in delivering such powerful messages so simply, so clearly. It's our challenge to remain mindful of these learnings and put them in to practice.
- Ramsay Health Care

There is no doubt that your presentations were 100% on target. The attendees loved you, your messages and the passionate way that you delivered them. I have never had such positive feedback regarding a presenter at any of our conferences
- Australian Mortgage Brokers

“Delegates have confirmed the insights you shared were invaluable. To give you an example, of some formal feedback from your main platform session, ‘exceptional and powerful speaker, reflection is vital, excellent and very inspirational’. We also appreciated your assistance with the Great Ideas session and your valuable insights and wrap up of the day. I thought this worked a treat to integrate your message and link everything together, fueled by your buoyant personality and enthusiasm

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