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A former litigation lawyer, Andrew has been a Professional MC and Presentation Skills Speaker / Trainer for the past 17 years.
Using a mix of professionalism, light humour, audience interaction and lots of prior research, Andrew has MC'd, facilitated, trained and team-built at countless events, conferences, awards dinners and roadshows for a wide variety of companies, associations and organisations.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Ernst & Young, MLC, NSW Health, IBM, Allianz, Financial Planning Assoc, Westpac, EMC, Suncorp, Aged Care Association Australia, Bayer Healthcare, AGL, Telstra, Hotondo Homes, Minter Ellison, Dymocks, Wella and BT to name a few.

Over the time, Andrew has become one of the most respected and sought after Professional MC's in Australia and have worked extensively in the Asia-Pacific region.

Using a mix of professionalism, light humour, audience interaction and lots of prior research, Andrew has MC'd, facilitated, trained and team-built at countless events, conferences, awards dinners and roadshows for a wide variety of companies, associations and organisations.

Andrew's aim is to make your event memorable by injecting energy and humour, whilst maintaining the professionalism and respect for the organisation and people.

Andrew does extensive research for each event so he is familiar with the industry, people, products, sponsors, jargon etc. During the sessions, Andrew see's his role as to keep them on track, on time, on theme, do all house-keeping, including sponsor acknowledgements as well as injecting energy and fun. Bottom line, people learn more when they are engaged in the conference messages and having fun.  Kicking the sessions off with on a high note, introducing speakers in a more personal manner, interviewing sponsors, adding humour and zest to the sessions (Plenary or Concurrent), facilitating panels, running Q & A sessions, hosting dinners..all of these elements can be run seamlessly and really ensure this component of your conference achieves maximum impact.

If Andrew MCs your conference, he will also offering to run (at a very reduced cost) a dynamic, educational and highly entertaining session on Presentation Skills/Pitching for Business (perhaps as one of the breakout / concurrent sessions). Ideal as a "soft skills" workshop, useful for sales teams, senior managers, business development teams - anyone who needs to present to staff, stakeholders, clients or potential clients. As well as being a Professional MC, for 11 years now Andrew has been a trainer and coach in this area, working extensively with groups, large and small, in countless industries and professions.  As a former litigation lawyer, with many years of experience in public speaking, acting, improvisation and corporate training, Andrew brins his professional and personal experience in the art of presenting and public speaking, to the corporate world. Andrew's Presentation Skills clients include Ernst & Young, Minter Ellison Lawyers, Wella, RCSA, MLC, Chep, Landcom and Randstad.

On countless occasions delegates have told Andrew that they felt he actually worked for the company or in the industry, so good is his knowledge and understanding of their industry, jargon, the key people and so on.  He also writes (and fully tailor) his own scripts - from your Run Sheet and house-keeping notes together with briefings with the event organiser and the client. And finally, if you use an external MC, then YOU can relax and be part of the event, rather than worry about your need to MC, look after the timing etc. The research he does and the style of his MC'ing gives the conference an added 'personal' and 'warm' element. Many of his clients use him year in / year out to MC their entire conferences, feeling that he has become part of the conference 'family', so familiar does he become with the company culture, jargon and personalities.
He also ensure that any sessions he MC's have humour (always appropriate), spark, professionalism, energy and ultimately he makes sure (by keeping delegates awake and engaged) that the important conference messages are linked and delivered to a focused audience, in the time frame provided.


Andrew, from my point of view, I was wrapped with the job you did. Your professionalism and ability to think on your feet made our lives so much easier. With this kind of event there are always going to be last minute changes and fine tuning to be done. The fact that you had taken the time to really familiarise yourself with our event and adapt to any changes in the format (all with a cheerful attitude) helped to make this a success. Thanks for a great job. I hope we'll get an opportunity to work together again in the future.
- CLIPSAL -Product Roadshow

If you're organising any type of corporate function, you can't go past Andrew Klein and Impact Entertrainers. Andrew's approach is clearly based on the principle of 'preparation is the key to success', as he leaves nothing to chance. He has a unique ability not only to create, but also to deliver. Our conference was a rare occasion where every one of the staff raved about the facilitator.
- Telstra

Andrew, our staff were blown away by the day and the comments we've had from even the most sceptical have been nothing but praise. Your energy and enthusiasm set the scene and immediately took away the feeling that this was going to be 'another one of those conferences'. Your humour and ability to engage the team made this our most successful event to date and will be very hard to top next year. Working with you right from the start was a breeze. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other organisations.

The decision to have Andrew MC our National Dealers Conference has paid off in many ways. The delegates feedback was better than ever before, due mainly to the level of professionalism mixed with humour that Andrew adds to an event. Andrew worked with the management team well in advance to plan the finer detail and throughout the 3 day conference spent many hours ensuring the delegates were getting real value for money from their conference. The tone that Andrew set, through his expertise allowed us to focus on the real issues facing a dealer group such as ours.

Thank you for compering the "Bayer Idol" event at our recent Healthcare conference. 300 people entered the room not knowing quite what to expect of the evening; and 300 people left raving about the entire event. There has not been one bit of negative staff feedback about that night, but huge amounts of positive feedback. I have to admit as organiser that I was in some trepidation as to how it might go. I needn't have worried because you carried the night in a way which nobody from inside the company could have come close to. My personal thanks again for your highly professional work on our event.
- BAYER Healthcare

Andrew made an enormously important contribution to the success of our conference. He successfully incorporated the goals and themes of our program, as well as corporate culture, in his hosting of this important event. He was professional, amusing, and quick-witted. The research and preparation that he invested was very obvious allowing the event to be taken to another level. Many thanks Andrew for your commitment to excellence and fun!
- ipac Financial PlanningI

The Movie-Making exercise was an overwhelming success, everybody who participated thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Feedback has been extremely positive with many rating the exercise as one of the highlights of the conference, and the best team building exercise they have ever done.It is a great concept and one you and your team should be very proud of. The professionalism in which it is run and the interweaving of company and personal information certainly add to success of the program.Thanks again for a great event.

The pleasure was all ours, you are an absolute delight to deal with and your professionalism and humor is a breath of fresh air. We would be happy to work with you again at anytime.

Andrew - you made our Conference 'happen' - I received so much positive feedback about you it was almost boring hearing it in the end - they all loved you and deservedly so - you have a job for life with our conferences. I am still laughing at some of your one - liners - absolute magic. The conference will be remembered for the way in which you held it all together and made everyone feel good. I am indeed indebted to you, if you ever need a reference, just give my name.
- OAMPS Insurance

Once again, the feedback on your witty and unique hosting of our Queenstown, NZ conference has been outstanding. In fact, '10 out of 10' – your tailored Haka (and tatts!) was a classic. See you up front next year.

Your role was so important to keep the day flowing and your extra duties of introducing speakers and facilitating the Q&A were much appreciated. You had everyone entertained as well as informed. You made my job that much easier knowing I had a professional keeping the event flowing.

A fantastic job. You built up a rapport with the delegates quickly and with respect of the difficult time that we are going through. Thank you particularly for helping me manage the senior team and getting them to focus on the last minute sessions that we had to put together, a very hard task!

Within seconds of commencing you turned a room of 150 semi-sceptics into enthusiastic participants. Your energy & enthusiasm, not to mention fun activities won them over and set our conference off to a great start. People immediately relaxed and the 'Oh no not another conference' feeling was immediately dissipated. Your humour and ability to engage the team made the conference one of the best ever held by us. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other organizations.
- Telstra Legal

Thank you so much for your contribution to delivering a smooth, very well-received event yesterday. As far as I'm aware it was the first time a professional MC had been used for the forum and everyone noticed - and appreciated - the difference. We've received lots of compliments on the MC and from my point of view it was fantastic knowing that the afternoon was in capable hands and that I had one fewer thing to worry about. I'm sure that you'll be front of mind for a lot of people following yesterday's success.
- Environmental Advisor, Safety & Environment I Environment Division, RailCorp

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