Andrew Laurie

In 2001, Andrew fell off a 100-foot cliff while skiing in Canada. He stopped breathing and broke much of his body from the waist up. Since then, Andrew has built an exceptional record of achievement in business as well as a unique breadth of non-business experience.

In business, he has been a Sole-trader, he has been Managing Director of a multi-billion dollar company and he’s been most things in between. He’s presented to thousands of people all around the world, from small teams within a company, to audiences of 1,000 people, from teaching Executive MBA Programs to speaking, by invitation, in the House of Lords. He has published multiple business books. He built one of the most successful business coaching companies in Australia and was recently recognized as the Global Executive Coach of the Year for 2018. In all cases, he shares his passion and knowledge, to help others achieve similar success.

In addition to business, Andrew continues to pursue his keen passion for sport and adventure. He loves to spend time with his family and friends traveling, rock climbing, skiing, sailing, playing golf or pursuing a range of other active pursuits. He was a Professional Mountain Guide, has run Ultra-Marathons around the World, has played cricket to a professional level and once rode his bike, alone, across the Nullarbor Plain.

It is this range of interests and achievement, along with his natural communication skill, that enable Andrew to bring to life his experiences to effect so much positive change in other people.


  • How to step back from your business – for your sake and for the sake of your business
  • Forget “balance” – instead, create your ideal life
  • Improving your Core Asset – the highest returning activity for any business owner or leader
  • Simple steps in management – a more practical approach to leading people
  • Exponential Growth – the factors underpinning the fastest growing companies and how any business can implement them
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