Andrew Sparks

Andrew Sparks is a motivational speaker, peak performance expert and coach to business leaders, athletes and aspiring achievers.

Several years ago Andrew lead a very different lifestyle to the empowering one he does today. Just four years on and following his own inspirational life turnaround, Andrew speaks with groups and has founded a Peak Performance Company.  He truly believes that we have potential beyond our wildest dreams.

From Andrew's interaction with his high profile clients and the work of his company, he is a recognised leader at the forefront of his industry.  Combining his innate understanding of the human psyche and 'why' we do what we do, Andrew takes peak performance to the next level.

Andrew has the skills to implement peak performance strategies, and more importantly action, within your organisation. His high energy and passionate keynotes will inspire you and your team to reach for new heights in all areas of business and life.

Now also a high performing triathlete and mountaineer, Andrew doesn't just teach performance, he lives it.

- The cross-pollination of two of the most exciting concepts we face in our ever changing and growing world - potential and ability. Harness your teams Potentiability for results and a bright, successful future. For companies and individuals encountering organisational change and for high performers.

Success is Simple - Success is Simple outlines what you need to be doing in your business and your life to accelerate the results you are after. Learn the simple steps that will revolutionise the way you live your life for the better. Success is a system. Stick to the fundamentals and you will get where you want to go. Fast. For companies and individuals looking for the latest success principals and how to embrace positive change.

No Regrets - This powerful and thought provoking presentation inspires people to reach for the stars in everything they do. Don't leave it on the table. Any of it. Are we giving our best at work, in our relationships and in our life? If not, this is the welcomed change that you need.  For companies and individuals wanting to get the most from their teams.


He has allowed me to ignite a passion I have not felt I could before.
- Macquarie Group

One of the most valuable 90 minutes I have ever spent. Wow!
- Commonwealth Bank

Having been introduced to Andrew by another happy customer known to me, I was keen to explore what he had to offer me and my team at Orbital Recruitment Group. Andrews communication style is fantastic. He is interactive, attention grabbing, personable and highly knowledgable in his field. The results are ongoing and culture changing, unlike other motivational speakers/trainers I have experienced in the past where the results have been short lived. Mind set and thought processing is so important to an individuals productivity, results, happiness.
- CEO, Orbital Recruitment Group

Andrew stands alone as a very unique, effective and high performing inspirational speaker and business coach. He has been instrumental in working with the team here at FireSoft Consulting. His interactive and passionate approach truly draws and captivates an audience; enabling a lasting impact. His unique approach to motivational speaking is refreshing; having catered directly to our business needs and individual team members. The amazing thing about his approach is he is able to affect each individual uniquely while speaking to an entire group. Our team culture, motivation, drive and clear goal path has truly been enhanced by his expertise. Thank you Andrew!
- Director, Firesoft Consulting

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