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Anne Lise Kjaer is a leading keynote speaker and futurist. She specialises in future trends and their impact on tomorrow's consumer behaviour and needs. She is renowned as a motivational keynote speaker and her inspiring presentations communicate concepts in a stimulating and engaging format.

In Anne Lise's view, the future is about vision, not just some place we go. To create scenarios we must understand the mindsets and values of the people we want to address. Scenarios are future narratives that help us to make informed decisions about the present.

We are entering a new era where value sets are shifting. Money alone is not enough - we also want empowerment and meaning. Today's society is ruled by contrasts. On the one hand people want sustainability and transparency, on the other discount and more choice. When navigating complexity trend mapping is a significant method that builds a holistic and multidimensional picture of the future. The following society trends will have an impact on most businesses and brands in 2020+.

CONVERGENCE TECHNOLOGY is empowering both our personal and working lives. A key to create more personal meaning is CO-CREATION - the enabling of social networks that foster personal interaction and give people 'a stake' in their own future.

Emerging NEW ECONOMIES influence urbanisation and the global economic agenda, and GLOCALISATION is an increasingly powerful driver. The more globalised society becomes, the more importance we place on cultural capital and local values.

In a 24/7 society CONVENIENCE CULTURE, instant gratification and indulgence is in high demand. This impacts enormously on our environment and global warming is now a reality. CLEAN TECH and alternative energy sources are necessary to cut carbon emissions to create a greener future for everyone.

Sustainability is the new corporate religion in the west and it's filtering through every level of society. GLOBAL SUSTAINERS have already adopted a caring attitude and an ethical foundation and this will become crucial in all organisations. As stress and lifestyle diseases reach epidemic levels HEALTH & WELLNESS is on everybody's lips. Personal empowerment and wellbeing must be factored into every level of a future vision and product strategy. EMOTIONAL CONSUMPTION is the overall purchase driver and motivator .

The key trends indicate a polarised and diverse society made up of Hunters and Gatherers - the 'me' and the 'we' people. Creating a successful future will mean that companies must become even more people-centric, demonstrating empathy for the cultures they serve and respect for the context in which they exist. There are four key drivers that will shape tomorrow's choice:

EMPOWERMENT:  Become an empowerment brand: inspire, inform and educate
INTERACTION:  Foster exchange of ideas to enable personal interaction
SUSTAINABILITY: Practise by doing, be transparent and have sound ethics
MEANING:  Create emotional connection and experiences to connect with people

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Anne Lise Kjaer is a leading global futurist and an inspirational keynote speaker.


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Anne Lise Kjaer - 2020 Shaping Ideas

Anne Lise Kjaer - 2020 Shaping Ideas

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