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Known for her dynamic and engaging style, Anneli’s on a mission to humanise the leadership landscape and change the way we see each other. She disarms her audiences with her natural charisma and cheeky banter. A skilful and fresh presenter, Anneli draws her audiences into a carefully crafted fabric of stories, insights and practical wisdom. She works hard to understand the challenges of her audience and tailors her unique presentations accordingly. Humour, relevance and a knack for practical reality are keys to her high levels of audience engagement and consistently outstanding feedback.

Anneli’s passion for decoding people and performance dynamics makes her a sought-after speaker, mentor, and expert on interpersonal intelligence to help leaders build, influence, engagement and impact. She makes the complex job of understanding why people do what they do (and how to get the best out of them), both accessible and entertaining.

Anneli is the author of several books on shifting human behaviour with her latest book, Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders, providing a reference guide for developing leadership on the job.

A regular media commentator, she has been featured as an expert across multi media publications including Foxtel’s Sky News-Business Success program, The Australian - Business Review, Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, The Advertiser, The Courier Mail, HuffPost, 3AW, and Modern Business Magazine, to name a few.

Incidentally she’s also a nifty parallel parker, a keen runner and a salsa dancing addict who loves any meal cooked by someone else!

Speaking topics

The Leadership Lens - Change the frame to change the game

Developing leaders who surpass your expectations by cultivating the psychological conditions for growth and development.

Leading women - The invisible forces that shape women in leadership

Navigating the new inclusive leadership landscape by understanding how men and women see each other at work, and how our inbuilt cultural expectations drive or divide opportunities for equal growth.

Finding the unlikely leader - Valuing difference and diversity

Facing our human tendency to judge competency based on assumptions not facts. How to find, value and amplify the silent skills all around us for next level leadership.

Communicating for collaboration and connection

Exploring the impact of perception and judgement on our ability to communicate and work effectively with others; particularly those we don't know, don't understand or simply don't like.

Credible communication - Is your value lost in translation?

Building authority, influence and impact through unconscious language and behaviour patterns.

Critical Communication - Dealing with the tough stuff

How to talk about the hard stuff, without bruising or breaking relationships.

Change matters - Navigating the neuroscience of change

Understanding, navigating and managing the emotional complexity of high change environments.

Anneli Blundell speaker

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Anneli Blundell - Speakers Reel

Anneli Blundell - Speakers Reel

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