With an extensive & unique range of keynote presentations, coaching programs and hands-on workshops, the Anthony Bonnici experience will leave your people inspired to make positive changes to their work and personal lives, and improve their performance & productivity by showing people how they CAN rather than CAN’T.
Over the past 15 years, Anthony’s feature keynote Brain Blinkers has toured the globe, working with hundreds of thousands of people in 5 continents.

The Brain Blinkers workshop will leave participants motivated and inspired to make positive change in their lives, and to help open their eyes and minds to possibilities and opportunities that may have been hiding until now. Anthony helps participants recognise and remove the 3 key mental barriers to high performance and success – limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and fear – and provides the tools to keep the learning real, practical and relevant for the long term in both a personal and professional context.

When clients have a little more time in their agenda for something truly transformational, Anthony engages in experiential learning by immersing the group in pastel sketching. At first delegates do not believe they are capable of creating the sketch within 60 minutes, but as they listen to Anthony’s instructions and learn techniques, they quickly prove themselves wrong.

The end result is a personal masterpiece that astounds the delegate, and remains as irrefutable proof that we can change what we believe and totally transform our outcomes and performance.

Anthony is a charismatic, dynamic & super energetic coach & presenter who will leave your audience begging for more.

Anthony has 13 years experience in corporate Australia in sales, marketing & people leadership roles. In addition to face to face selling for 4 years, Anthony turned “middle of the road” sales teams into high performing teams as well as looking after marketing teams with brands worth over $150 million.

In 2005 Anthony left the corporate life to follow his dream of creating his own company to inspire and motivate others. He is at ease speaking to any audience, and is a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner. Anthony has been “on stage” & performing since the age of 10, and his use of real life examples with which all audience levels can identify makes his sessions unpretentious yet incredibly powerful & memorable.

Speaking topics

Brain Blinkers

(from 45 minutes to a half day workshop)

Anthony’s most popular program, this internationally renowned keynote/workshop has delighted over 60,000 people across the globe in 5 continents. Anthony motivates people to change the way they think by helping them recognise and remove the 3 mental barriers to success. By identifying and removing limiting beliefs, self sabotage and fear, Anthony can help organisations and individuals realise their true potential.

Coupled with our world famous “proof of concept” pastel sketching activity, we unleash the group’s inner van Gogh as the group completes their own individual masterpiece. It is the perfect way to prove that we can change our outcomes by changing our beliefs, and delegates leave motivated and inspired to make real change in their professional and personal lives.

The outcome: participants leave the session with less excuses, more motivation and a clear plan to achieve their work and personal goals.

The how: participants recognize and remove the 3 key mental barriers to high performance and success - limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and fear and receive tools to keep the learning real, practical and relevant for the long term in both a personal and professional context.

Building Organizational Trust

(from 45 minutes to a half day workshop)

Most companies talk about trust in their values and mission statement, but very few implement programs that help build trust in their businesses. Anthony works with senior leadership groups through to business departments to build trust through understanding the 3 core components: meeting needs, managing expectations and delivering on promises.

Influencing Broadly

(from 45 minutes to a half day workshop)

Anthony uses principles of NLP and behavioural psychology to prove that they don’t need to rely on “positional power” to influence broadly.

Anthony shares a powerful and highly implementable model for people to improve their influence skills by focussing on building alignment and trust through connection, providing solutions through offering value, and helping people feel safe through proof. Participants identify specific people in their lives that they wish to influence and create a plan to bring the theory to life.

Communicating With Different Personalities

In this powerfully enlightening and entertaining workshop, Anthony explores the importance of identifying, understanding and connecting with the 4 major personality types. Using colours to make behaviours, team members actively participate in this hands-on workshop, and will leave the session with a clearer understanding of & ability to work with different personality types, enhancing their self leadership and communication ability with anyone in the organisation

The Language Of The Body

So much of what we communicate is non-verbal, and yet we focus so heavily on the words. Anthony will educate & entertain with some fascinating body language no-nos, taboos, and must-dos that will help attendees interact more effectively, leading to better relationships and ultimately results.


Once again Anthony provided a stimulating and productive training session which culminated in a motivated and cohesive sales team. If you think you cannot sing or have no musical talent, listen to your CD after Anthony has had some time with you and your team! Anthony can work wonders
- Allergan

We found the Move Mountains session to be very motivating for our sales teams. The painting workshop took our sales representatives out of their comfort zone and got them participating in a fun activity that most people would not have thought that they could do... We were very impressed with the Move Mountains session that we originally ran and based on this we rolled it out around the country to our entire GP sales force.
- AstraZeneca

The infomercial activity would have to be rated one of the best activities the team has done, it was great to see everyone come out of their comfort zone and get involved. A VERY fun activity! - Well done Anthony
- Commonwealth Bank

The feedback I've received from everyone about both your workshops and your involvement in our Calibre program has been excellent. You have exceeded our expectations - 10/10!
- Peoplebank Australia

Before Anthony's program, we set ourselves a very ambitious target, one that had never been achieved before. (After the program), the team achieved 60% of the target in the first month of roll out, which we predicted would take 6 months. By the end we were 20% above plan - it was fantastic!
- Beiersdorf New Zealand

The session was fabulous! Everybody will talk about their experience for months/years to come. Thank you Anthony for your energy, enthusiasm & motivation!
- Schwarzkopf Professional

Having dealt with Anthony on several occasions, he consistently impresses with a high level of integrity and credibility throughout all his interactions. Of particular note, he takes an enormous amount of time in understanding and listening to your needs and desired outcomes. The result is a tailored product which delivers rave reviews from attendees. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending Anthony Bonnici both across industries and the different personnel layers within them.
- National Sales Manager, Warner Chilcott Team, Invida.

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