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For too long we have lived in a society without challenging old paradigms. Arishma Singh is a Keynote Speaker, Author and Eduprenuer who believes that the next new wave of thinking requires a fusion of Eastern ancient wisdom and Modern Western Science. She is the Founder of Thrive With EFT, a company that helps high performers achieve sustainable success without compromising their wellbeing.

MINDBODY connection is Arishma’s jam and her secret sauce to being a high performing corporate woman. Instead of looking outwards, she encourages her clients to look within in order to overcome self-limiting beliefs, negative patterns and overwhelming emotions. As a result, they are able to live a life where they thrive, not just strive.

With over 20 years of corporate experience with multinational corporations and start-ups such as American Express, Nielsen Media, Google Australia,
Pivot Software and Experian, Arishma has been known as a top performer, a ‘pocket rocket’ and a woman to watch. Her first upcoming book “The Respected Salesperson” is a must-read for anybody who wants to redefine what it means to be successful in sales.

Arishma is a globally certified and accredited EFT practitioner, facilitating change for her clients by working with their mind, psyche and identity. She is passionate about bringing true personal growth to the corporate world, using the effective mind-body techniques developed as part of her copyright THRIVE model. Hailing from the beautiful islands of Fiji, Arishma came to Australia at the tender age of 19 with some big dreams and $400 in her pocket. She thinks in Hindi, loves to dance salsa and carries chillies with her everywhere she goes.

Arishma’s dynamic and lively keynote presentations bring a unique blend of insights to enlighten audiences on the topics of work and wellbeing.

Speaking topics

Mind Your Mind

Harness the power of your mind using a fusion of modern science and ancient wisdom

Neuroscience research teaches us that our brain is plastic and therefore malleable, yet most of us still haven't gained control of our minds. Instead, we get caught up in the same recycled negative thoughts, patterns and behaviours.

COVID has further highlighted this harsh reality, leaving many of us looking for a coping mechanism that is simple, accessible and effective.

Arishma's unique perspective blends the ancient learnings from a childhood steeped in tradition with the advances of modern science. The ‘secret sauce' she shares is based on her own experience with a major health setback and a unique journey to recovery.

Mind Your Mind will help audiences understand how to keep their mental wellbeing intact and thrive despite the hurdles life throws at us.

“You cannot be creative, when your amygdala is in hijack”
- Arishma Singh

In this session, you will discover:

  • How a fusion of Eastern philosophies and Western psychology can help us harness the power of our minds
  • Experiential learning using an evidence-based tool to switch off your distress centres and access your creative mind
  • Three practical strategies that you can use to start minding your mind from the moment you leave the presentation

The Respected Salesperson

How to change your mind, before you change minds

For far too long, the identity of the salesperson has been stereotyped into extremes like the ‘Wolf of Wall Street' or quotes like “Show me the money!” This old fashioned notion of the sales industry has created an imbalance in the relationship between the client and the salesperson.

Salespeople are expected to give respect but not command respect from others. The resulting waste of time and energy leads to a loss of confidence and poor results.

The Respected Salesperson changes their own mind and rewrites the stereotype of sales before they head out to change other people's minds. With proven methodologies, strategies and entertaining stories, Arishma shares her blueprint for success by restoring the power balance in salesperson/customer relationships.

The missing ingredient in achieving sustainable success is Respect.
- Arishma Singh

In this session, you'll discover:

  • Your hidden celebrity sales persona
  • The 5 key mistakes that salespeople make in their career
  • How to move away from the stress, anxiety and pressure of a sales role
  • The ‘Thrive Methodology' that will change the way you operate in sales
  • The defining characteristics of a Respected Salesperson

Realise the Wonder Woman Within

How to use your mind to redefine your true worth

Arishma reveals, excavates and celebrates the feminine power known in the East as ‘Shakti' with a one-of-a-kind presentation that will challenge. Examining the key traits that unlock the power within, Arishma explains why so many women are holding ourselves back from realising our potential and reaching the highs we know we are capable of. Walking the audience through a fresh perspective on the concepts of resilience, responsibility and respect, she shows women how to break free from generations worth of barriers to restore an internal sense of equality.

Inspiring, empowering and emotional, this keynote presentation leaves audiences feeling like they “can become their own wonder woman”, and “go for their own dreams”(client testimonials).

“The external struggle for equality has been won in many ways. It is the internal struggle that still needs to be won.”
- Arishma Singh

In this virtual keynote, audiences will learn:

  • Three key traits that we can all emulate in realising the Wonder Woman within us
  • The missing ingredient to find our inner Shakti
  • Intergenerational stories of women, to help us reflect on our own journeys, build resilience and bond in femme power


Thank you for the practical tips using tapping points to ‘mind your mind’! Arishma is Open, engaging and warm.
- Senior Portfolio Manager, Westpac

Brilliant run through of cutting edge neuroscience and techniques to calm the mind and mind your mind. Arishma is fascinating, researched and practical.
- Director, Integrity Plus Accounting

Arishma unpacked the psychology of the mind and its role In our thoughts, habits, values and emotions. She is Energetic, Engaging and a Vibrant Speaker.
- Partnership Manager, NSW TrainLink

Our continued focus is on well being. It tied well with our strategy, giving our employees a new way of looking at stress reduction techniques and mindfulness. Arishma was awesome, really high energy and did an amazing job. I noticed everyone’s body language and they are interested to learn more about the techniques.
- Experian - HR Director Australia NZ Japan

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