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Bella Zanesco is a modern day polymath. A world champion, creator of best practice wellbeing programs, passionate advocate for full-expression and award-winning entrepreneur, her mission is to make a healthier, happier workplace.

As a business executive, she delivered over $5 billion to Fortune 500 companies including Pepsi Co, Sainsbury's, Reed Elsevier, Unilever, and The Royal Mail. In 2015, was awarded UK’s Top 50 Young Changemaker for her work coaching at-risk high performers from British Sport, Bank of Japan, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, HSBC, Google, JP Morgan, KPMG, Microsoft, Saatchi & Saatchi and UBS.

Her success, however, came at a cost. In 2013, after neglected her health, Bella suffered burnout, adrenal failure and depression which put a hard stop to her career and life aspirations.

Taking time out to recover, reevaluate and rebuild, Bella began a holistic journey of healing that would transform her work and life. Retraining in everything from neuroscience, NLP, cognitive behavioural therapy, gut health, yoga, dance and kiteboarding, her mind & body breakdown became the catalyst for a radical transformation.

Within a year, she became a World Sailing Champion, wiped six years off her bio age and was commissioned by J Wiley & Sons (the world's largest business publisher) to write a no-nonsense guide to help Smart Girls nourish themselves so they can bring their a game to work.

Bella Zanesco is leading a new wave of women who see authenticity as an advantage, vulnerability as a pathway to vitality, and full-expression as the future of work.



Hacking FLOW for High Performance

How to improve your performance ten-fold. Traditional strategies for personal & commercial success can no longer sustain the pace of modern life. The accelerating complexity of work requires high levels of creativity, an ability to process vast amounts of information, and consistently produce relevant, impactful outcomes.

What we need is to hack and harness our FLOW state. To tap into our natural, innate ability to synthesise information, strategise relevant outcomes and execute meaningful actions aligned to our intent.

In this vibrant, illuminating keynote we will explore the limitless power of FLOW. You will learn how to get it, hold it and harness it, resulting in a consistent, effortless and effective output. And positioning you, and your leadership team ahead of the pack by unleashing your creative potential.


  • The science and story of FLOW.
  • Tools to access & harness your your Flow state, ON DEMAND!
  • How to improve focus, build stamina, & trust your intuition for staggering success.


How to become a Fully Expressed Leader in 3 easy steps

A holistic approach to modern success

We need a new breed of leader. People who inspire the imagination by working in harmony with their own humanity. leaders who are unafraid to bring their whole selves to work. Who see their honesty, authenticity and vulnerability as a strength. And who bring the same care and compassion to themselves as they do to those around them.

Drawing on over 3 years of research, with 2000+ women from over 80 countries, we have developed a contemporary approach to leadership, fit for the future of work. Exploring everything from gut health to neuroscience, hormones to happiness, vision to vitality, this holistic approach will transform your view of what it takes to become someone that other leaders want to follow.

In this radical, relevant keynote, you will be given practical tools to find clarity, with who you are and what you want, connection, to create a thriving mind, body & spirit, and confidence, to fulfil your potential and live your full selfexpression.


  • Clarity on personal values to make sound, authentic decisions.
  • Tools to unlock & enhance emotional intelligence.
  • Top things you can do to sustain high performance and feel vital doing so.


Wellness Warrior

Hacks to nourishing mind, body & spirit at work

Toxic environments, distractions and thought patterns greatly impact our ability to perform at work. Knowing how to restore and rejuvenate our mind and body has never been more important. But not knowing where to start is stopping many of us from finding the health and wellbeing we so desperately need.

Having suffered a severe case of burnout, adrenal fatigue and depression, Bella used her breakdown as a catalyst for change.

She immersed herself in health and wellbeing strategies and practices, retraining her mind, body and spirit to achieve stunning results. In this tell-all tale of transformation, Bella reveals the secrets that took her from broken to world champion.

Drawing on her research and personal experiences, you’ll discover what to eat and how to move for optimal focus and performance. Scientifically proven practices to be more mindful, evoke calm and reduce overwhelm when under pressure. How to reduce stress and inflammation and fire up your intuition. How to use your changing hormones as an asset & advantage at work. And practical tools to embrace feminine principles of leadership, compassion, vulnerability, empathy and emotion.


  • Scientifically-proven practices for mindfulness and calm.
  • How to use changing hormones as an asset and an advantage.
  • Reduce stress and inflammation through nutrition & intuition.
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