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Bernard Salt is one of Australia’s leading social commentators and business analysts. He draws upon vast datasets to interpret the overall trajectory of social change in the past… and into the future. He argues that social and cultural change are rising forces that are reshaping the way we live, how we work and even how we form relationships.

Bernard writes two weekly columns for The Australian newspaper that deal with social, generational and demographic matters.

He is an adjunct professor at Curtin University Business School and he holds a Master of Arts degree from Monash University.

He is perhaps best known to the wider community for his penchant for identifying and tagging new tribes and social behaviours such as the “Seachange Shift”, the “Man Drought”, “PUMCINS” (pronounced “pumkins”) and the “Goats Cheese Curtain’. He was also responsible for popularising smashed avocados globally.

Bernard has popularised demographics through his books, columns and media appearances. His body of work is summarised in six popular best-selling books. Bernard appears regularly on radio and television programs and recently hosted a business television program “The Next Five Years” on SkyNews Business Channel 602.

He was awarded the Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in the 2017 Australia Day honours. 


Bernard tailors his presentations to the audience and to the event. A presentation can range from 20 minutes as an after-dinner speech to 50 minutes for a conference keynote.

Bernard generally supports his presentations with PowerPoint to show the basis to his views although he can also speak off-the-cuff.

Bernard speaks without notes in a fluid and engaging style across an open stage. Delegates have access to take-away slide material which contains original data and graphics. All presentations conclude with a “what to do now” slide.

Wherever possible Bernard takes Q&A which can range from a few minutes to an hour. This is where a good speaker shines. No script. No forewarning. Demanding off-the-cuff responses that are incisive, thought-provoking and at times downright funny.

Speaking topics

1. Tracking Global Megatrends

Relevance: Suitable for global businesses, federal and state government departments, global citizens, aid agencies, anyone interested in global trends. Can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Takeout: Attendees will better understand which economies, cities and businesses are likely to rise and fall based on long-term demographic trends. Leads to better strategic thinking.

2. Identifying Future Business Opportunities

Relevance: Suitable for health, education, technology, agribusiness and lifestyle industries. Answers the question: where are the best future opportunities?

Takeout: Attendees understand why the prospects of some industries are better than others. Case study examples drive home the point. Improves strategic decision making.

3. Connecting with the Customer of the Future

Relevance: Suitable for retailers, media & marketing, retail property owners, FMCG manufacturers

Takeout: Attendees will better understand the megatrends and the micro trends shaping the customer base

4. Imagining Lifestyle & Retirement in the 2020s

Relevance: Suitable for aged-care providers, technology companies, property developers and investors, planners and government administration.

Takeout: Attendees will see how the demographic outlook shapes demand for retiree services. The Australian obsession with lifestyle will surely take a novel twist 

5. Preparing for the Jobs of the Future

Relevance: Suitable for schools, universities, technology companies, management teams, government departments, parents and Generation Y.

Takeout: Attendees will learn the skills required to become the perfect global citizen. This session will focus the mind and enable attendees to make better career choices. This is a must for anyone who wants to remain relevant and employed.

6. Managing Generational Change

Relevance: Suitable for corporate management teams, educators, employers, politicians, bureaucrats, professional services organisations, farmers

Takeout: Attendees will see their parents, their children, their co-workers differently. Leads to better understanding between workers and a more harmonious working environment. A must for mums and dads as well as for managers 

7. Building Business in the Asian Century

Relevance: Small business, big business, government departments, travel & tourism industries, agribusiness, trade & export industries, property development.

Takeout: Attendees will better understand the drivers to Australian prosperity with connections to China, Japan and India. Makes for bigger thinking about medium and long-term business prospects. 

8. Building and Connecting Stronger Regions

Relevance: Rural, remote and coastal communities, agribusiness, government departments, mining, indigenous communities.

Takeout: Attendees will see a tailored perspective of their region/business within a national/global context. They will learn what can and what cannot be controlled. Includes a listing of “what a region needs.”

9. Building Personal Brand and Leadership Skills

Relevance: Managers and middle managers, generation Y, students and graduates, marketing professionals, senior corporates and bureaucrats

Takeout: Attendees will learn how to build and project their personal brand at different stages of the lifecycle. They will learn about the CEO Chute and the career ‘kill zone’. Builds self-confidence.

10. Developing Presentation and Speaking Skills

Relevance: Big and small business, educators, professionals, consultants, bureaucrats, politicians, communicators, anyone scared of speaking in public.

Takeout: Attendees will learn how to configure the room, where to speak on the stage, how to hold yourself, what to open with, how to dress, what to say first-up. Become a better speaker in 30 minutes.

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Bernard Salt - Global Trends Expert

Bernard Salt - Global Trends Expert

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