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Bill Cates CSP, CPAE, has revolutionised the way professionals and small business owners acquire more high value clients with referrals and other relationship marketing strategies. His books, Get More Referrals Now! and Don't Keep Me a Secret! have established Bill as the foremost expert in building a thriving referral based business. Bill's latest book is Beyond Referrals: How to Use the Perpetual Revenue System to Turn Referrals into High Value Clients.

Bill's Referral Advantage Program has been featured in such publications as Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Selling Power. And Bill's own business success has been featured in Money Magazine.

Bill has trained over 75,000 professionals and business owners in his proven referral system. They are using his ideas to grow their more profitable businesses.

Bill's speeches and seminars are dynamic, fun, high energy, and high content. You can expect a highly interactive session filled with practical business building strategies.

Keynote Topics:

Get More Referrals Now!
The 4 Cornerstones to a Thriving Referral Based Business

This is a high content general session filled with proven result producing ideas. Learn the power of a true Referral Mindset and what it takes to create a steady supply of high quality clients with referrals. Learn the reasons why people don't ask for referrals and how to set those reasons aside. Bill will demonstrate his popular VIPS Method for Asking for Referrals. This is a very interactive session.

No Pressure - High Impact Selling
A New Approach to Sales Using the Brainstorm Selling Approach

From your first appointment to making the sale, Bill Cates shows you how to gain the trust of your new prospect so they'll open up to your questions and ideas. Bill will show you how to move the sale along and increase your conversion rate without the use of old school trickery or manipulative sales techniques. You'll earn more new business and become more referable quickly in your new relationships. Bill's Foreshadowing Process alone is worth the price of admission!

Don't Keep Me a Secret!
Referral Secrets of Top Producers

What are top producers doing to generate new clients through referrals and other relationship marketing strategies? What do they know that you don't know? Bill Cates gives one success story after another - a ton of best practices - showing you real world strategies you can use to acquire more high value clients through referrals.

Beyond Referrals
How to Use the Perpetual Revenue System to Acquire More High Value Clients

As important as referrals are, they are not the end game. The end game is the new client. While this program will show you state of the art referral generating strategies, it goes beyond that. You will learn how to turn referrals into introductions, set appointments that stick, and convert referral prospects into new clients.

Leading Referrals
How Leaders & Managers Build a Stronger Referral Culture

Financial professionals need to generate the referrals, but the leadership helps shape and maintain the culture helps make it all happen. Leaders and managers learn the 4 key ingredients necessary to create a thriving referral culture within your firm. They will emerge with clear strategies and tactics they can use right away.


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