Billy Graham

New Zealand
Yes, Billy Graham - best loved motivator and fitness fanatic, NOT Billy Graham, the evangelist!
Billy Graham has spent a lifetime involved in sport and physical fitness. He is a former New Zealand and Australasian light welterweight boxing champion who achieved his success through goal setting and determination.

Having left school when he was only 14 and unable to read and write, Billy took up butchering and eventually bought his own business. Realising there was more to life than just being inside all day, Billy (unqualified as he was) took up teaching Physical Education; he secured his first teaching position simply because he said he could do it - and he did! No small achievement for a dyslexic who left school at 14!

Billy is a firm believer in making the very best of every opportunity, and he practises this philosophy every day of his life. Most importantly Billy loves people and delights in sharing this zest for living with others, whether they be school children or business executives.

Nowadays Billy spends his time selling the Gym-mate fitness pack - a unique fitness concept which he develops and manufactures himself - around the world. Major buyers have included the US Airforce and the British Army in Northern Ireland.

He is highly sought after as a motivational speaker at meetings and conferences in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. Billy advocates a simple daily program to maximise personal vitality. His warm and enthusiastic presentation inspires his audiences to challenge their outlook and increase their potential.

Keynote Presentations Available
Motivation - Personal and Team
Sales Skills Limited
Fitness and Health

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AMP Society
IBM New Zealand
National Mutua
To name just a few!
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