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Brad Blaze has taken special event and corporate entertainment in an exciting new direction. His high energy shows captivate and engage members of the audience, bringing huge paintings to life as a speed painter and magician - recently awarded Entertainer of the Year at the Australian Event Awards...there is no one else like him.

So how does he do it? As a speed painter he paints people and products live on canvas in about four minutes of choreographed high energy music. He keeps you guessing who and what it is he is painting as he often paints upside down.

At the PGA Masters gala dinner he entertained the a-list audience and painted Tiger Woods and Shane Warne live. He also painted Leo Sayer at his 40th anniversary concert.

Brad involves the audience, selecting volunteers to have some fun on stage - whether he has them posing, dancing or answering questions the results are hillarious and complement the fast paced nature of the show.

During customised shows, Brad adds a further twist to his artwork - magic! A flash of fire can reveal a company logo, an extra sparkle of colour or light can highlight a product, a little magician's illusion can reinforce a brand.

It took 10 years working as an artist and 3 years perfecting his skills as a speed painter, to see the huge results his show has to offer. Brad has performed and speed painted his way across the globe - from speed painting Formula 1 cars (Williams Toyota) to speed painting Ayers Rock (Reconciliation Conference Western Australia) to speed painting music and sporting icons and the Prime Minister (Fiji 2008) and then speed painting in the USA performing corporate entertainment for such companies as PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Royal Australian AirForce, IBM and also raising thousands of dollars for glitsy charity dinners.

Brad has also appeared on numerous TV shows overseas and in Australia - including The Music Jungle, Saturday Disney, Mornings with Kerry Anne, The Shak.. but as he sees it, the rides only just beginning. 

Brad recently won The Australian Event Awards Entertainer of the Year.

Show Information:
1. Icons Show - comedy & high interactivity!
(25 mins approx)
This is Brad's award winning show, which awarded him Entertainer of the Year at the Australian Event Awards. High energy, fun, comedy - Brad paints three paintings Bono, Elvis (with audience volunteers dancing) and Marilyn Munroe (with audience members singing). A fun show that will have everyone talking!

2. 80s theme! - comedy and audience interaction (25 mins approx)
Brad recently travelled to New York City and absolutely fell in love with the Broadway production of rock of ages. It's all about high energy, fun and interactivity as Brad let's
loose and puts his own spin on 3 of the greatest 80s music stars of all time - Bono, Michael Jackson and Madonna (Madonna is painted as the finale in gold glitter).

3. Elegance theme! - style and classy (20 mins approx)
The new show with style and pizzazz honoring the style icons of yesteryear.  Brad ditches the paint clothes and dressed formally paints his way through 3 icons of yesteryear with amazing glitter crystal reveals - Sinatra, Marilyn Munroe and Audrey Hepburn.  What the glitter reveals? Brad paints with glue (invisible to the audience) and at the conclusion of each painting throws coloured glitter over the painting magically revealing the subject.

4. Fluoro theme! - high energy, audience interaction (20 mins approx)
A colorful high energy explosion, brad's new fluorescent painting show takes performance art to a new level. Painting under black light (to be supplied by AV team) Brad uses UV paints to magically bring to life the portraits of three music icons with a magical twist: Bono, Jimi Hendrix and Gene Simmons. Please note: Fluorescent paintings do not retain their UV brightness and therefore are not suitable for auctioning.

5. The Art of Music - fast paced Vegas style with dancers (45 mins)
With all the excitement of Vegas, Brad along with 4 sizzling dancers take you on a journey of the art of music from the 60's through to today. Paintings include Elvis (60s), Gene Simmons (70s), Bono (80s), Madonna (90s) and Pink (today and revealed in glitter). High energy, 5 costume changes representing each decade and a show like no other guaranteed to leave your audience astounded.

6. Art of Transformation - Change, inspire (30 mins)
At the turn of the century, then in middle management for a large insurance company, Brad was at the forefront of a culture change in his organisation which saw his team focus on a new strategy in the claims process, cutting reserves by millions of dollars. It was against the grain, a thought 'outside the box' that produced significant cost savings and
ignited a different thought process. It was a team transformation.  Fast forward ten years and Brad's has had his own personal transformation - taking his hobby of drawing and painting and turning it into one of the most successful corporate acts and being awarded the prestigious Entertainer of the Year at the Australian Event Awards. Throughout the presentation you will witness two remarkable visual transformations which illustrate visually the ability to transform. He paints familiar faces and transforms them into some of the world's greatest leaders of the past century, all in under four minutes.

Keynote Presentation:

Brad's keynote will make you feel motivated, inspired and creative. After seeing him in action, it will also stir a wave of creativity from attendees and here is their chance to let loose:

Transformation keynote + Team building ideas session breakout on Teams use illustrations to form goals and business plans on large cardboard (a1 size). Brad facilitates the session, assists creatively with planning and drawing. Teams then present their illustrated ideas to the audience.

Brad Blaze speaker

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