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Brad Twynham is a global speaker in change, resilience, innovation, and leadership. He has delivered his Radical Leadership Programs to corporations including Minter Ellison, DuluxGroup, Rio Tinto, Endeavor Group, IBM, ARTC, Queensland Health and Singularity U.

As an activator, motivator, teacher, practitioner, innovator and change agent. His special gift is his powerful lived experiences and stories that capture the audience's attention, build trust and catalyse change.

A Co-Founder of three enterprise startups, Brad has been on the leading edge of technology and change for over 25 years. He advised some of the most senior leaders in technology in some of the biggest corporations in the world including UBS, Visa, Dell and CBA, who implemented and drove transformational change through using products and services his company's developed.

He remains on the cutting edge of innovation and technology as an advisor to Federal, State and Local Governments on economic redevelopment, activating innovation ecosystems for change and a Lecturer and Entrepreneur in Residence at Western Sydney University.

Brad’s keynotes and workshops are transformational and interactive and is a great addition to any event as a keynote speaker, breakout session or standalone workshop.

Speaking topics

Radical Leadership - Five Essential Capabilities for Leading in the Age of Reinvention

Target Audience: Executive Leadership Teams, Emerging Leaders, All Staff Gatherings and Retreats, Sales Teams, Boards

In today's volatile business landscape, adaptability is the ultimate currency. Leaders must evolve beyond roles as practitioners to become highly resilient, motivators, advisors, innovators, and change agents. Now more than ever, we need to create value for internal stakeholders and customers by developing five core Radical Leadership capabilities to not only create longevity but leapfrog the competition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why the change coming toward us is so much more dangerous than in the past.
  • Our Natural responses to disruptive ideas and how to overcome them.
  • The new ways of thinking required by leaders.
  • 5 Core capabilities that equip leaders in becoming highly resilient and exceptional value creators.

Radical Intelligence: The Changing Nature of Work in the Age of Smart Intelligence

Target Audience: C-Suite executives, Emerging Leaders, HR Leaders and practitioners, All Staff Gatherings

The way we work will change more profoundly between now and the end of the decade than it has since the great depression until now. We have entered the age of smart intelligence.

Our ability to learn, unlearn and relearn at the speed of technological change will be our greatest asset and competitive advantage. Amplifying our humanity is what will separate us from machines. We need to become adaptable learners if we want to ensure we have longevity in this fast paced evolution of work.

We can learn a tremendous amount from our First Nations people about what it takes to be adaptable learners and what better way to learn than from a traditional custodian who brings tribal LORE and Cultural Knowledge 65,000 years in the making into today's workplaces. No one leaves this keynote the same way they came in.

Key Takeaways:

  • What the age of smart intelligence will change about the way we work.
  • The intelligence required to succeed in the age of smart intelligence.
  • How to become an adaptable learner.
  • A tribal perspective of Listen, Connect and Learn that is more relevant today than it has been in 250 years.

Radical Innovation: 5 Technologies that will alter humanity

Target Audience: C-Suite executives, Emerging Leaders, HR Leaders and practitioners, All Staff Gatherings, Technology Leadership Groups, Boards

In the last ten years technology has become pervasive to the point where the average adult is looking at the smartphone every twelve minutes. We have seen how much the internet, smartphones and social media have changed many aspects of how we live, work and play.

What if I told you that this was just the beginning? The next ten years we will see 5 technologies start to change everything we know about the world, how we live, work and play.

This talk explores 5 technology meta trends that have the potential to make our lives unrecognisable and the disruptive potential for industry.

It takes people on a journey from being afraid of a dystopian future to embracing the positive impacts technology is going to make on their lives and their work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Deep dive into AI, The Metaverse, Robotics, Healthspan and Food and Agriculture.
  • Shift the conversation from fear to opportunity around these technologies and the changes they will bring.
  • Expand awareness of the opportunities these technologies can bring to your organisation.

Welcome to or acknowledgement of country

Target Audience: Large Conferences, Award Ceremonies, Government Events and Symposiums and Association Gatherings

Brad Twynham is a direct descendant of Bungaree, of the Garigal of Broken Bay and Matora of the Walkaloa of Lower Lake Macquarie. A direct bloodline custodian of the SaltWater People North of Sydney, the Stingray people.

Brad makes welcome and acknowledgement of country truly special, through his amazing story telling, authentic truth telling, connection to culture and traditional music via the didgeridoo.

It is not often you find a professional conference speaker who is also able to give welcome and acknowledgement to country, in an authentic and moving way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Deepen an understanding of Aboriginal Culture and why Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country is so Important.
  • Entertaining and Engaging opening to events that moves audiences and sets a tone for the event.
  • Yudaki (Didgeridoo) performance that ties into the event or conference theme.


Absolutely fantastic. Our people have never given a standing ovation before.
Head of HR – Port Waratah Coal Services

Thought provoking, engaging and inspiring keynote with fascinating content.
Head of L&D – DuluxGroup

I saw Brad speak at a retreat and just had to get him into speak to our firm. I got more the second time around from his keynote.
Senior Partner – Minter Ellison

Captivating from the opening to the closing sentence of his talk.
CEO – Singularity U

Incredible energy, passion and amazing storytelling.
GM, AMCHAM Australia

A home run! Met the brief and then some.
EGM – Rio Tinto

An exciting and engaging keynote, providing valuable implementable frameworks.
CEO – Zadro Agency

Hands down the best keynote we have had.
CEO- Lead Your Industry

An entertaining, humorous and content rich keynote.
Director – Sydney School of Entrepreneurship

Fun, light-hearted and created space for the team to experience the benefits of being more open.
Deputy Secretary – AusIndustry

The best attended workshop the firm has ever had. I love the way Brad weaves in powerful storytelling with practical lessons.
Innovation and Purpose Lead – Minter Ellison

Brad Twynham speaker

Speaker Video

Speaker Showreel | Brad Twynham

Speaker Showreel | Brad Twynham

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