Brett Bower

"Creativity is a muscle that needs to be stretched"

Brett Bower is an award-winning, international cartoonist and animator whose professional career has spanned over 30 years.

Brett believes all people are innately creative and he enjoys the challenge of fostering creative thinking on practically any topic. Highly sought after, Brett Bower has illustrated his way around the world from his home town of Sydney throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK, North America and Asia.

The variety of Brett’s work is truly remarkable, from animating Scooby Doo through to railway safety signs for the London Olympics.

His multiple television appearances include the Today Show, Australian Idol and The Circle and most recently Australia's Got Talent.

In the corporate arena Brett regularly works with Samsung, Wacom, Google and Microsoft showcasing their latest digital tablet technology.

Brett supports several charities and has twice been the Ambassador for Autism Spectrum Australia. His ongoing relationship supporting Ronald McDonald House has now surpassed fifteen consecutive years.

Brett’s artwork adorns many fridges and walls worldwide.

Speaking topics

Conference Scribe

Scribing is a truly entertaining and engaging way of documenting presentations in real-time.

If you are organising an event, large or small, and you’re looking for new ways to collaborate with your audience rather than put them to sleep, live scribing is a uniquely engaging tool.

Whether I use a simple flip chart for a small audience, through to graphic tablet or overhead camera for large scale events. I have proven techniques that will ensure I capture all the relevant information to reinforce your messages. When presentations are visually sketched out with graphics, unrelated ideas and new connections can be literally drawn together.

Scribing is an inclusive way of helping facilitate and present with an end result being a single vision that everyone played a roll in creating.

After your presentation, the entire image and its parts can be digitally supplied and used in future presentations.

At the end of the day – It is a brilliant reminder to delegates of the key points you want them to retain.

Live Caricatures – Digital

Using the latest devices like IPad Pro and Microsoft surface, Brett can draw digital colour caricatures that can then be branded with your own logo and printed, texted or emailed as a personalised souvenir for guests. A perfect form of entertainment for corporate events, trade shows, weddings and birthdays.

During your event, Brett can create live-to-screen artwork for everyone in the audience to enjoy. Caricatures drawn on a tablet are instantaneously projected onto a big screen which can create a buzz and extra traffic around your trade show booth or simply to entertain guests at your event.

All images can be printed on request or sent directly to a recipient’s phone or mobile device making it really easy for guests to hashtag your event on social media. Every image will be saved to disc, USB or even uploaded to a nominated website at the conclusion of your event…and if you’d like a branded template to be produced specifically for your event, we can do that too!

Sand Art

Sand artistry it is the creation of fleeting images to music using only grains of sand, the human hand & a lightbox to project them. Brushed away as quickly as they are made, audiences are enraptured by this fascinating, suspenseful & engaging medium.

Sand art is an ideal fit for any event. It is the perfect medium to tell your story. Brett has appeared at corporate across Australia, Asia and even Saudi Arabia.


Brett was able to tell a story, whilst drawing in sand - it's a double act, and he makes it look easy!
Manu Felldel

Brett took sand and made it come to life before our eyes, and did it effortlessly and gracefully!
Nicole Scherzinger

Brett has a gift, no doubt about it. He used sand to create a play, you make it come to life, we went on a journey with him, I could have watched all day!
Shane Jacobson

Thank you for such a generous performance, I was hooked from the get-go!
Lucy Durack

My production crew were so impressed with Brett's no fuss, relaxed approach. It was wonderful to see 700 people glued to the screens, watching the magic unfold.
Centenary of Gallipoli landings show

Everyone involved enjoyed Brett's work. The audience reaction was proof of the pudding.
Peter Adams, producer Bill Bryson tour

Brett Bower speaker

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Brett Bower - My Island Home

Brett Bower - My Island Home

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