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Bronwyn Reid is a specialist in navigating The Gap Effect caused by miscommunication between large companies and small businesses who want to do better business with each other. Her expertise is transformative when it comes to fully understanding and translating the sometimes complex and disparate language each uses. It is that language difference that often prevents the clear communication necessary for win-win business partnerships and alliances.

Bronwyn is particularly focused on regional and rural business, supply chain management, and building sustainable companies. She is best known for her strong business and community engagement roles in regional Queensland as a speaker, mentor, and collaborator.

  • Featured contributor to several business publications, podcast guest and mentor.
  •  Acclaimed Boom and Bust Business Specialist
  • Successful founder of two award-winning businesses in regional Queensland,
  • Named as an international Stevie Award Winner 2022 for Thought Leadership,
  • Multi-award winning author of Small Company, Big Business and Small Company Big Crisis
  • University lecturer for 20 years (part time) on business management.

Bronwyn's businesses have been supplying to national and international companies and all levels of government for over 26 years. She has brought all her experience of attracting, winning, and retaining work with these large organisations together in the Small Company, Big Business program, and in 2023 launched her Business Boosting Programs for Medium and Large organisations. This Program focuses on helping other SME's to secure and maintain contracts with large organisations navigating supply chain complexities.

Speaking topics

The GAP Effect

The GAP Effect™ is arguably the biggest issue affecting the economy right now.

The failure to understand the jargon, needs, and business operations of the 'other guys'. SMEs and BIG Companies need to get on the same page and do better business - Bronwyn Reid is a master translator for each of side. She's been described as being like having a Google Translator for Business who helps facilitate better business for anyone wanting to navigate The "Gap Effect. As a speaker, trainer, coach, and mentor - here's why you need to have Bronwyn at your next event in 2024. transcends mere mindset differences that lie

In today's increasingly risk-averse economic climate, confusion abounds around the need for effective communication and mutual understanding. Large companies prioritize guarantees, whereas small businesses seek assurances of timely payments, understanding, and investment that big corporations may struggle to provide. And that's only the start.


SMEs can learn about necessary systems and risk management resources to seize opportunities and punch above their weight.

Big Companies can learn from SME's about adaptability, nimbleness, rapid growth, and the value of direct management styles.

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