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As CEO of the successful brand management firm, Bruce has been creating and working with valuable brands for over 25 years.

Born and raised in Miami, Bruce studied design at the University of Florida and rushed to NYC to start his career. Preferring the sun to the subway, he returned to Miami and opened his own advertising agency built on the belief that marketing should be well-designed, simple, and should make a client's products and services more valuable. Using this straightforward checklist, Bruce has worked with hundreds of clients, written thousands of headlines, and designed even more print ads, television spots, websites, and campaigns.

Bruce is the author of three books - his most recent is Building Brand Value. Bruce tours extensively, spellbinding audiences with simple yet powerful brand building techniques.

When you book Bruce, you don't have to worry about a thing. Yes, your audience will be entertained and delighted. Of course, your audience will learn an uncomplicated and memorable way to excel in life as well as in business. Sure, Bruce's speech will be a much talked about part of your meeting. Most certainly, you'll get the chance to hear Bruce play his harmonica. And, most importantly, you'll know you've made the right choice the moment Bruce starts speaking.


The following is a list of dynamic speeches that Bruce Turkel delivers. These talks can be customized to fit the specific needs of your audience or program.

Brand Value
Seven simple steps to building, maintaining and communicating a great brand. Bruce provides entertaining anecdotes and real world examples to illustrate the finer points of brand building. Learn how to add value to your products by making your products more valuable to your customers.

The Care and Feeding of Creativity
Managing creative people can be a challenge. How do you establish a professional atmosphere that's productive AND inspiring- Bruce has supervised award-winning creative teams for over 25 years. He shares practical and engaging tips that will help you manage and nurture you creative staff.

Presentation Skills
Creating a great product or great advertising campaign is only half the battle. As Bruce says, 'It don't mean a thing if you don't sell a thing'. His 7 Steps to Building Brand Value provide solid advice for overcoming nervousness, organizing your thoughts and presenting yourself and your work in a dynamic, compelling way.


I can't even begin to say how awestruck I was by your presentation.
- Corpcom

Two of my staff had the opportunity to attend your branding seminar yesterday. I have never had 2 staff people return from a training more enthusiastic than they did. You really wowed them! I only wish I had attended with them.
- United Way

This guy is an incredibly inspiring speaker.
- Tharpdid It

Thank you for your FANTASTIC presentation and for contributing to the success of TechMarketing. Your presentation, delivery and energy captivated our audience.
- Liaisonit

Just got back from your presentation at HSMAI. AWESOME!!!
- .Com Marketing

Thank you for your book on Branding. After reading it I passed it on to my marketing director.
- Founder of Boston Market

You remember how you felt when you bought your first pair of glasses? How you could for the first time really see the definition on the trees with every leaf and branch. I am now able to focus on the details and get rid of the clutter. Thanks for turning the lights on!
- Freeman Decorating Company

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Bruce Turkel

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