Bud Taylor is an accomplished speaker and change consultant. After starting his career in Canada, Bud moved to Dallas for a leadership role in the organizational effectiveness practice at Watson Wyatt, a human resource consulting firm. He was later recruited by Deloitte to be its partner in charge of change management in the Southwest. Bud then became senior vice president and director of global consulting services for Synovate Loyalty, a specialty practice within Synovate, a customer research firm. It was at Synovate where Bud recognized the power of customer-driven change: the power of driving internal changes from the outside.
Bud developed the principles of customer-driven change with marquee clients around the world, such as Whirlpool Corporation, Microsoft Europe, Sony Electronics, Southern California Edison, Cardinal Health, Canadian Pacific, and the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia. His work takes him from America to Asia, Europe to the Middle East, South America to Africa. Bud's experiences working with international clients are reflected in case studies in his new book Customer-Driven Change: What Customers Know, Employees Think, and Managers Overlook (Brown Books 2009).
In addition to writing and speaking on customer-driven change, Bud maintains his international consulting practice through corporate alliances. Bud is the Director of Consulting for MASMI Research out of London, he also works with Strategos Consulting of Chicago, and ISB Worldwide headquartered in Dallas.

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Customer Driven Change

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