Cate Peterson

Cate Peterson is the Director of Yoga Solutions, which she founded in Sydney in 1998. After many years of working in the fields of bodywork, mental health and community development she decided that yoga offered a sustainable, do-it-yourself approach to help her clients achieve a long and happy life.
After graduating in 1985 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy, Cate has devoted her work to assist people approach their health with principles of well-being, self-help and self-responsibility. She has integrated her OHS specialisation with extensive study in various bodywork modalities - yoga, massage, shiatsu, energy work and macrobiotic nutrition.

She developed Yoga Solutions to provide options for people wanting to expand their understanding of optimum health and how to achieve it. Based on her extensive study of the Five Elements - water, wood, fire, earth and metal - her programme works with these elements and their embodiment in the seasons. Based on the premise that the only constant is change, Cate assists people to search for and use these rhythmic cycles within themselves.

By offering an inspiring range of bodywork options in addition to yoga, she hopes to engage people in creating their own pathways to true health.
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