Cath Sutherland

Australia - Western Australia

Cath Sutherland has developed a revolutionary model which will change the way we do business. Speaker, facilitator and author, Cath encourages your business to explore who you are, what you stand for and why you're here. She offers your business a revolutionary process of connecting with your Purpose, Values, Personality, Product and Global Vision to build 'Brand Energy' and express an authentic and powerful brand.

Cath Sutherland began her career as a Creative Director for 8 years in various capital city radio stations Australia-wide. She then held a range of marketing management positions giving her extensive experience in events management, public relations, national advertising, sales promotions and marketing. During this time Cath also achieved a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English and Psychology and an MBA.
Cath has managed her successful consultancy business since 2000, helping corporations and small business alike to develop their brands and unique business and marketing strategies.

With the development of her revolutionary Brand Creation Process Cath now works with all businesses to develop their unique Brand Energy Blueprint and activate their Brand Energy.    
Cath's book 'Creating Brand Energy' how to transform your business energy into market power, outlines this process and features inspiring Australian businesses that have successfully applied the innovative Brand Creation Principles including: BOOST Juice Bars, ENJO, Kailis Jewellery, Morrison and Faraway Bay.

This 'how to' book guides all businesses to build a powerful brand by deepening your understanding of your business identity, attracting 'like energy' and growing market share through connection.

In today's conscious consumer market, Cath saw a need for businesses to also become conscious. Cath felt compelled to give businesses an understanding of who they are and how this defines their relationships, markets and global impact. Cath shows businesses how this knowledge and consciousness is the key to brand success, and hopes that this will help to foster corporate integrity.

As well as keynote speaking Cath facilitates her Brand Creation Process with businesses, taking them through their unique Brand Energy Blueprint and helping them understand why a customer's emotional investment in a brand will lead to exponential profits.

Cath has already consulted and facilitated with high profile clients across the country including Wella, Husk and Croissant Express.


I love Cath Sutherlands approach to brand strategy. Her model with its energetic focus will create authentic brands that drive internal and external engagement.
- Matt Church, Founder Thought Leaders

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