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Catherine Molloy is an International Speaker & Communication Expert, specialising in leadership, sales & service. With 25 years of experience in business, training, and facilitation, Catherine believes in creating effective engaging learning environments through powerful communication techniques. Catherine has immersed herself in the field of communication and body language psychology. It has anchored her authority as a Communication Master. Catherine holds a Masters Degree in Neuro-linguistic Programming as well as qualifications in Business, Leadership & Management and is a qualified DISC accredited consultant. Catherine is also the author of the best selling books: The Million Dollar Handshake and Conscious Leadership.

Catherine works internationally in the areas of business growth, customer service and leadership with communication as the overarching tool to success in these areas. Catherine developed the conscious connection framework after studying body language for over 30 years, and researching and understanding the theories behind behaviour styles. Catherine says when you take away the non-verbals and verbal language, globally you are left with the raw behaviour styles of people which is fantastic, as you can sell, serve and lead anyone, anywhere in the world.

Catherine’s journey in Sales began in the 1980s topping sales nationally with the Commercial Bank of Australia and Westpac Bank. She then owned and operated a successful Real Estate business, and now owns and runs an international soft-skill training company based in Australia and has just won an International Sales and Leadership award. Catherine understands the joys and difficulties of owning and running a business and understands successful teams become more effective when they are consciously communicating and having fun.

Catherine knows when and where to motivate and add energy with each talk and workshop delivered. The participants will engage, connect and be more conscious of their own energy language. Fun, Fast and Forward-Thinking.

Participants will feel empowered and motivated to practise until perfect and to share this knowledge with others. Participants will continue to practise their newly found skills on each other throughout the conference and into the workplace. 

Once something is learned it is hard to unlearn. Participants will be taught the power of communication through different techniques to help anchor new skills that will create a lasting impression, first time, every time.

The conscious communication framework is a practical tool that once implemented in business inspires confidence, staff happiness, growth and customer satisfaction. It’s the tiny changes that make the massive difference for Sales, Service and Leadership.

Speaking topics

The million-dollar handshake

How to powerfully connect in business and life

What do your first 7 seconds say about you?

Your handshake is absolutely imperative in your communication. How you orchestrate your first impression will determine whether the client or customer wants to do business with you. 

For this reason, we are now sharing the secrets of receiving the power through the handshake as we hack your meet and greet.

In this presentation, Catherine Molloy with over 25 years of experience in body language psychology will share with you some of the secrets and insights on how to master and develop your own Million Dollar Handshake.

Here Catherine will inspire through story and show you practical tools, tips and strategies to perfect and to have fun with your Million Dollar Handshake. 

In this keynote you will learn: 

  • The 5 powerful steps to your million dollar handshake
  • The non-verbal intelligent aspects of your first impression
  • How to inspire confidence and impress first time every time.

Conscious leadership

Your ability to lead and influence people is critical to your success in life and business.

As a leader, you know one of your key tasks is to inspire and motivate others. To do so, you need to incorporate conscious leadership into your daily practice. Leadership training is aimed at giving leaders new skills — at helping them understand their behaviours to go from being a top individual to a leader of people. As a leader, your success is dependent on the success of the people you’re leading.

Catherine works to unify, inspire and empower each person to effectively lead themselves and teams well through a highly engaging and interactive keynote for best outcomes for the business and in life.

In this keynote you will learn:

  • Discover your leadership style and understand your domino
  • effect and how to make win-wins
  • Formulate your own leadership tool kit
  • The blueprint to understand why conscious communication
  • is the key to leadership
  • Learn how to stop self-sabotage
  • Build courage and a growth mindset
  • How to implement the 3 key ingredients for leadership
  • Understand your own verbal non-verbal language for leadership

Language for leadership

First impressions matter

Catherine’s interactive and energetic style will engage and inspire leaders, teams, and professionals to take action and understand the power of their first impression. Learn how to utilize the tools and strategies she has collected in her 25 years of communication mastery.

Understanding how to navigate powerful communication techniques will ensure survival, happiness and growth in the future. Successful individuals and teams become more effective when they understand and are conscious of, how they connect and communicate to create the right lasting results. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How to successfully navigate the conscious connection framework.
  • The blueprint to understand your first impression and why communication is the key to leadership
  • Why successful people must implement conscious connection for improved sales, service and leadership

$elling $marter

The Art of Sales 

It’s no secret that the sales industry continues to change and evolve rapidly. This action-packed keynote presentation is fast-paced and fun, created for you to enhance your customer satisfaction and strike rate. Most people don’t realise they have been selling all their life. The simple art of selling is a skill that anyone can achieve through training and practice.

A new generation of sales professionals has emerged; they are business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, office staff with the characteristics of honesty, trustworthiness, and competence. For many businesses, the owner and every team member need to understand the basic and fundamental skills required to master the art of sales.

In this keynote you will learn:

  • To sell is to serve
  • The power of understanding your behavioural style
  • The art of negotiating to create win-win results.


The delivery of the material is so professional, and I have reaped benefits already in the way of a more confident approach to the customers I deal with each day.
Ron Hill Automatics

Catherine's was particularly well prepared and this was evidenced constantly in the depth of knowledge that was produced, both by way of visual aids and oral discourse. The benefit to me has been immediate. We are now implementing procedures learnt and the results show directly.
Director - Genesis Insurance Brokers Australia

Catherine's skills, knowledge and experience is so needed in our projects. She has made such an impact.
CEO - The Oxford Partnership Uk & The Middle East

Catherine is an exceptional speaker trainer coach and a very successful entrepreneur as well. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious…enough to electrify and super charge-up any audience.
Managing Partner Omnivation

Catherine is a great speaker who keeps high energy across the audience the whole morning. The handshake techniques and some little habits to watch out during communications are extremely useful in our day-to-day work and life.
BT Financial 

Catherine was a perfect open and close for the entire event. The feedback from our attendees was brilliant, even saying "Best speaker yet".
Inspired Growth Training

As we say in America, Catherine blew the doors off at the National Conference this year! WOW… what a presentation! She was amazingly well versed on her topic…and wonderfully articulate. It’s rare to see such a perfect blend of content and communication skills. Truly unique and special.
Fast Forward Leadership

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