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As the Chairman of the Futures Foundation, the professional association for Australia's practicing futurists, Charles is ideally placed to identify the forces and trends which are shaping Australia's future.  He is also an active member of all major international futures organisations.

Charles is a regular commentator on the future in print and on radio and TV and speaks on creating the future (he has a particular interest in the future of work, money and community); on life-work balance (for which he prefers the term 'right livelihood'); on leadership and people management (in both corporate and community settings) and on other issues of contemporary importance (such as why just surviving in the world seems to be getting harder and harder for more and more people).

Charles has had five careers in his 50+ years - he has been a successful business entrepreneur, teacher & educator, multinational business director, community builder and visionary - and his presentations combine wisdom and practical insights from all these. His educational qualifications are just as diverse, ranging from degrees in photography, physical science and education to a Master of Business Administration. 

Speaking Topics include ...

Presentations on the Future

  • This is a bad time to be an ostrich 
    A futurist's perspective on facing up to four great global challenges.
  • Leading me, leading you aha! 
    A futurist's perspective on leadership.
  • It's coming ready or not
    Five things everyone needs to know about the future.

Presentations on General Issues to do with the Future of Work

  • Its not about balance, its about integration
    A forty minute presentation explaining why current approaches to life/work balance are doomed to failure, and what to do instead.
  • A new age of work
    A one hour presentation using the model developed by Land and Jarman in 'Breakpoint and Beyond' in the 1980's to explore our current understanding of work and to suggest reasons why the current understanding has reached its use-by date.  Some initial suggestions for a new understanding of work are explored
  • Money and Work
    A forty minute presentation exploring both the history of money and its interaction with work as suggesting a variety of future concepts for money and work
  • Unemployment is a myth
    A forty minute presentation exploring the concept of unemployment as we understand it today - what unemployment is and what it isn't, how did we get unemployment and how do we get rid of it
  • Work and my life - 10 assumptions about work which are not only wrong but dangerous
    A one hour presentation exploring why the ten commonly held beliefs about the role of work in individual lives are false.
  • The way we think affects the way we live - how a new perspective on work will create vibrant communities
    A fifty minute presentation linking how people and societies work to how they live and exploring a future for work in which local communities (through their local business institutions) play a prominent part.


Thank you for the expertise, time and support that you devoted to our conference. Our delegates gave your presentation the highest votes of any presenter in terms of both content and style.
- Facilities Management Australia

Feedback from group members indicated they found the seminar challenging and confronting. Their increased knowledge... will be invaluable.
- Fairley Leadership Programme

Charles presentation was not your normal business planning, cookie-cutter type; I think he was able to give a different and far more interesting insight into future planning than what the majority of our attendees have probably heard before.
- CEO, Daylesford Macedon Regional Tourism Board

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Charles Brass

Charles Brass

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